Whole Building Pressure Washing in Sydney

Whole Building Pressure Washing in Sydney

High-pressure water is an incredibly useful tool in industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we fully understand the value of utilising pressure washers to clean a wide range of structures and areas, including whole building cleaning! 

Large buildings are subject to all of the elements, day in, day out. Therefore, it’s only natural that apartment buildings, warehouses, office blocks and other structures, will become coated with all kinds of stains and marks. But it is important to stay on top of the appearance of your building, for a number of reasons, which we’ll take a closer look at below.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re the experts in whole building pressure washing in Sydney. We can clean any structure up to three stories high, removing all manner of dirt, stains and other elements from your facade. This is the perfect way to keep your building looking sharp, and will ensure longevity.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of whole building pressure washing in Sydney.

What is whole building pressure washing?

Whole building pressure cleaning is exactly what it sounds like: cleaning an entire building with the aid of pressure washing equipment. It involves thorough washing of every aspect of your building’s facade, including:

  • Walls
  • Signage
  • Windows
  • Ledges
  • Doorways.

If you have particular requirements that don’t appear here, there’s still a very good chance we can do it. Just get in touch with us and ask.

What are the benefits of whole building pressure washing?

Pressure washing for the exterior of your entire building comes with a range of important benefits. We’ll take a closer look at them below.

A better first impression

The way your building looks says a lot about your business or your residence. If your facade is covered in filth, your customers, tenants, clients or whoever else is visiting, will be much less inclined to work with you and your business, or move into your strata complex. Therefore, cleaning is essential for making a great first impression.

For businesses, first impressions are everything. Customers are much more likely to buy from you, and even to enter your store, if the facade is clean, presentable, and professional-looking. On the other hand, if the exterior of your store or business premises hasn’t been cleaned for some time, customers are much more likely to head elsewhere.

A similar issue occurs with strata complexes and apartment buildings. Imagine there’s an open house, and you have a number of interested parties attending, buyers or renters. But when they arrive, they’re met with a filthy facade that hasn’t been cleaned in some time. Right away, this image will be lodged in their mind throughout the inspection, and afterwards. It can seriously impact whether or not they want to move into your complex.

Some people may say that warehouses aren’t supposed to be the cleanest structures, thanks to the type of work that goes on. However, the exterior of your building should certainly be clean, because it still impacts the image of your business. A clean warehouse encourages new business partnerships, and creates a happier, more professional working environment.

It’s clear that first impressions matter for all kinds of businesses and strata complexes. This is why whole building pressure washing is a must, if you want to consistently impress customers, clients, and prospective tenants.

Protecting your investment and increasing longevity

Regular cleaning is an important action in protecting your building from long-term damage. The elements that build up on the exterior of your building usually include moisture, moss, dirt, wood and metal fibres, and miscellaneous particles. If left unchecked, these elements can gradually eat away at the paint, metal, concrete or brick.

Over a long period of time, moisture will seep into your facade and eat away at the metal or concrete. That then leads to rust, corrosion, and crumbling, which destablises your walls. In extreme cases this can result in collapsing material. However, it’s much more common that you’ll end up with expensive repairs.

All of this can be avoided with regular pressure washing for your building. A pressure wash removes these nasty elements before they are permitted to build-up, so your walls and roof will be safe for years to come.

A safer structure for workers and inhabitants

Health and safety is an important consideration for every building manager and warehouse manager. The wellbeing of employees and residents must be the priority at all times, else they will be at risk of a multitude of health problems and injuries. It goes without saying that regular cleaning is essential for the wellbeing of anyone living or working in the building.

The elements that build up on the exterior of a building can range from dust to mould, to chemicals and anything else blown in from surrounding areas. Dust can have serious health implications, as can mould and moisture. This is exactly why you should be pressure washing the exterior of your building on a regular basis.

Removing these nasty elements from your facade makes for a safer and healthier environment for workers, residents, customers, clients and visitors. It’s a measure that every single building manager should be taking.

Pressure washing health and safety

Operating pressure washing equipment requires an intimate knowledge of the equipment itself, as well as relevant health and safety practices. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re proud of our constant commitment to safe operations, at all times. Our team is highly trained in the use of pressure washing equipment, and is equipped with the latest protective gear.

Unfortunately, some operators do cut corners and aren’t as committed to maintaining a safe operating site. This results in a wide range of entirely avoidable injuries occurring, such as falls from height, and slip and fall injuries.

Lacerations are a serious concern when it comes to pressure washing. The high-powered jets of water are so strong that they can easily slice through skin, along with a range of other materials. They can cause narrow but deep cuts, which do require immediate attention… and can be life-threatening. Therefore, the proper equipment and training is critically important.

Chemicals are another aspect of industrial cleaning that must be taken into consideration. Harsh chemicals can be harmful to the user, particularly if they are accidentally inhaled or ingested. The good news is that we do not use harsh chemicals in our industrial cleaning operations. We only use biodegradable degreasers and cleaning agents, because we are absolutely committed to environmentally friendly processes.

Expert Sydney pressure washing

At Sweep and Scrub, we can pressure wash entire buildings, up to three stories high. If you’re looking for Sydney pressure washing services, Sweep and Scrub is ready to help. Simply get in touch with us today for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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