Sydney Strata Cleaning by the Experts

Sydney Strata Cleaning by the Experts

Strata complexes require all kinds of regular attention. That includes maintenance, strata rubbish removal, and of course, common area cleaning. Apartment complexes are obviously not one and the same, so each strata building will have its own particular requirements from common area cleaning. 

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we deal with a wide range of common areas and facilities. While our speciality is Sydney carpark cleaning, we do a whole lot more than that! We utilise a wide range of cleaning equipment and tools to get the best results possible. Below, we’ll discuss strata cleaning in more detail, and how we can help your Sydney complex.

What is strata cleaning?

Strata cleaning is the cleaning of any strata complex. It can vary in scope, depending on the size, layout, and type of building. Many strata cleaning services will include comprehensive cleaning of all parts of your complex. However, these types of services that claim to be a jack of all trades are often lacking in quality.

Specialised services, such as concrete cleaning and sweep and scrub services, are the best way to go. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we focus on what we do best. That means our strata cleaning services in Sydney consist of carpark cleaning, concrete common area cleaning, whole building pressure cleaning, and window cleaning.

Why do you need strata cleaning?

Every strata building manager has a duty to keep their complex in excellent condition, including common areas. Tenants and residents deserve a home that is well-maintained, clean, and safe at all times. What’s more, the law stipulates that this must be the case. Therefore, regular Sydney strata cleaning is essential for any residential complex.

What do Sydney Sweep and Scrub’s strata cleaning services look like?

As we mentioned earlier, our strata cleaning services in Sydney are quite selective, and we stick to our specialities. Primarily, that is sweeping and scrubbing concrete floors. We work with strata complexes to clean common areas, pressure clean entire buildings (up to three stories), and thoroughly clean carparks with machine sweep and scrub.

Common area cleaning

It’s super important to keep common areas clean for tenant and resident use. If these areas are not clean, residents will be dissatisfied with management. This creates disputes and ill-feeling, which should be avoided at all costs. Everyone deserves better!

We’re able to clean concrete surfaces effectively and efficiently, removing all manner of dirt and grime. Depending on the space, we’ll utilise our ride-on sweep and scrub machines, along with heavy-duty pressure washers. And if needed, we can make use of biodegradable degreasers for those especially tough stains. 

Whole building pressure washing

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we make use of pressure washing equipment and scissor lifts to deliver whole-building pressure cleaning. Sometimes, your entire complex needs some attention… and we’ve got you covered. 

Apartment buildings are subject to the elements, which means the wind will inevitably blow all kinds of dust and dirt onto your complex. Many of these contaminants will stick to walls, windows, and other parts of your building. Over time, the apartment block can come to look very poorly kept, which is where whole-building pressure cleaning is essential.

A clean facade will be much more likely to attract new tenants and residents, and impress passers-by. It will also give your existing residents more satisfaction and pride in their complex, and their home. 

Carpark cleaning

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, it’s all in the name. We’re the experts in Sydney carpark cleaning. This includes carparks within strata complexes, as well as standalone parking facilities, office buildings, and much more. We make use of ride-on sweep and scrub machines to clean quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Your residents will likely use the carpark on a daily basis. Therefore, it should be clean and safe to use at all times. Regular maintenance and cleaning is a must for this purpose, and it’s important you hire a Sydney strata cleaning company that knows what they are doing. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re ready to help.

The benefits of Sydney strata cleaning

We’ve touched on a few of the benefits of Sydney strata cleaning already. Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Happier tenants

A clean complex equals happier tenants! And happy tenants are always something a good strata manager or property manager should be aiming for. Happier tenants are much less likely to raise complaints and are more likely to enjoy good relationships with one another. In the end, this makes for a much more comfortable environment for all.

A more presentable facility

A great-looking facility is essential for attracting new tenants. If your strata complex is in poor condition and hasn’t been cleaned for some time, interested renters or buyers will be less than impressed when viewing a vacant apartment. In fact, they’ll probably walk away without an application form. 

Expert Sydney strata cleaning services

If you’re looking for the best strata common area cleaning services in Sydney, you’re in the right place! At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we have immense experience working with strata complexes around the city, delivering excellent common area cleaning services. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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