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Gary Stewart – Google

We used the services of Sydney Sweep and Scrub today to clean the Driveway and Garage areas, of our Commercial / Residential building in Pyrmont. Adam visited prior and provided us with a very good quote, half the price we have paid previous service providers of this type. This morning Victor arrived on time and was raring to go, the whole job was completed well within the outlined time frame, our driveway and garage areas are sparkling clean, we saved a considerable amount of $$$ and our residents and tenants approved of the outcome. We will be using the services of Sydney Sweep and Scrub in future. Keep up the good work guys. Best Gary

Paul Kwok – Google

Simply sensational crew. Professional and prompt service

Raymond Safferton – Google

As always, Sydney Sweep and Scrub do a thoroughly fantastic job and there service is exceptional. Their rates are unbeatable. Highly recommended by Australian Carpark Systems.

Jeremy Musial – Google

Highly recommended! Quality service by a professional team at an unbeatable price. Our 20 year old carpark looks like new.


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8 December 2022Keeping a carpark clean is a tough job, especially if your facility is large and multi-leveled. As we’ve discussed many times in the past, carparks can be subject to a very wide range of contaminants, moisture, and rubbish. However, as tedious as cleaning may be,… [...]
31 May 2023Keeping a busy parking lot or parking complex clean is never easy! Vehicles and pedestrians will constantly bring dirt and dust into your complex on tires and shoes. On top of that, even a light breeze will blow leaves and debris into your parking lot…. [...]
27 July 2023Disabled parking spaces are a common feature in virtually every parking complex, as they should be. When it comes to setting out a new parking lot, it’s important to allow the correct amount of space for disabled spaces. Lines also need to be marked clearly… [...]
18 April 2023If you manage a parking facility, or manage a building that includes a carpark, chances are you’ll need to organise cleaning at some point. Carpark cleaning is a service that requires an expert touch, along with the right experience and equipment. Not every cleaning company… [...]
28 November 2022Cleaning a busy car park facility is no easy task. You’ll be dealing with all kinds of contaminants and filth, brought in by vehicles and people alike. It takes a wealth of experience and the right equipment to keep your facility clean… but with these… [...]
30 May 2023Basement carparks are generally an incredibly efficient use of space. They are great options for a city that is always highly developed, creating parking areas for building residents, employees, customers, and commuters. However, flooding is a risk factor that comes with placing a parking lot… [...]
16 November 2022When a business vacates its space, end-of-lease cleaning is an absolute must. Whether that’s a commercial space, a retail business, or an industrial business, hiring the experts is essential for a wide range of reasons. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we know everything there is… [...]
25 February 2023Every parking complex requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, and in excellent condition. That maintenance encompasses a wide range of services, including cleaning, repairs, signage, and line marking. Oftentimes, facility and building managers don’t stay on top of this maintenance… and that results… [...]
7 July 2023The air quality in a working environment is one of the key considerations of workplace health and safety. Employees should be able to breathe safely while working, and be equipped with proper apparatus when performing tasks that produce airborne particles, like cutting, grinding, operating machinery,… [...]
7 April 2023Have you ever wondered how to keep your parking lot or multi-storey carpark in good condition? As a building manager, facilities manager, building owner, or business owner, it’s an important question to ask. And the answer is even more important. Thankfully though, there are clear… [...]
6 January 2023Starting 2023 off on the right foot is important for every business. Whether your company works out of an office building, an industrial complex, or a retail complex, there’s a good chance that you have a shared carpark. Or perhaps your business is your carpark,… [...]
5 July 2023If you own or manage a complex that includes a carpark, you know full well how tough it can be to keep your carpark clean. The same can be said for anyway driveway areas, which inevitably see plenty of traffic, in and out. But it’s… [...]
10 November 2022If you manage or own a business, there’s a good chance that you have the responsibility of maintaining your facilities. That might be an office building, retail space or something else… and perhaps there’s a carpark that you are also responsible for. Carparks are often… [...]
31 January 2023Every carpark requires cleaning from time to time, and the more frequently, the better. A busy carpark is always subject to a wide range of dust, dirt, chemicals, and contaminants… and these should be dealt with efficiently and thoroughly. That’s where expert Sydney carpark cleaning… [...]
11 May 2023It’s impossible for a carpark or parking facility to function without lines. Sure… you could pack the vehicles in and hope that the drivers work it out themselves. But really, that’s a recipe for total disaster! And thankfully, every carpark manager knows this.  The lines… [...]
28 April 2023There are countless parking lots across Sydney, both public and private. As a commuter, we’ve all struggled at times to find a spot among the labrinth that is Sydney parking. Many facilities are already full, cost too much, or don’t exactly look enticing. And as… [...]
14 February 2023Strata complexes require all kinds of regular attention. That includes maintenance, strata rubbish removal, and of course, common area cleaning. Apartment complexes are obviously not one and the same, so each strata building will have its own particular requirements from common area cleaning.  At Sydney… [...]
28 March 2023A large construction site is subject to all kinds of dust, dirt, and other contaminants. In short, your average building site won’t be the cleanest of places! However, failing to address this issue will cause all sorts of problems for workers, your clients, and your… [...]
23 May 2023Warehouse cleaning is one common type of industrial cleaning. And when we mentioned warehouse cleaning, most of the focus tends to be on sweeping and scrubbing concrete floors, power washing, and ensuring that machinery is spick and span. However, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we… [...]
12 January 2023By now, your workers are probably back in the warehouse, gathering momentum for a big 2023. One way to ensure that you’re giving your people the best chance at a productive and safe year ahead, is a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning service by Sydney Sweep… [...]
9 May 2023A warehouse isn’t a clean place by nature. But this doesn’t mean a warehouse full of dust, dirt, and spills is acceptable. It really isn’t! This is exactly why every company should be striving to maintain a clean and tidy warehouse.  There are a number… [...]
18 July 2023Every carpark is laid out a little differently. Some make efficient use of their space, with perfectly sized parking spaces. Others include parking spaces that are either way too small, or unnecessarily big. Marked thoroughfares might be very wide, or so narrow that two cars… [...]
30 June 2023Keeping a warehouse or a factory in tip-top shape requires regular cleaning and maintenance. This can be a time-consuming process and eats into efficiency if you attempt to have your own employees do the cleaning. Expert industrial cleaning with quality sweeping and scrubbing is the… [...]
27 May 2023Every industrial workplace requires regular cleaning. But there’s a big difference between expert cleaning services, and cleaning done by internal employees. Most of the time, internal employees simply will not have the experience, knowledge, or equipment to clean your warehouse or factory to the highest… [...]
16 May 2023Every factory manager or supervisor understands the never-ending war against dust, grime, and spills. However, this time-consuming battle can be made so much easier, by hiring an expert Sydney factory cleaning service for regular cleaning. Let’s take a look at the benefits of working with… [...]
9 March 2023Industrial cleaning requires a range of different equipment to get the job done. Some of these pieces of equipment are heavy-duty and necessary for removing tough industrial stains and materials. Therefore, they require an expert operator to get the best results, remove the toughest stains,… [...]
16 March 2023Throughout Australia, there are many polluted waterways. This type of water pollution causes plenty of havoc on the ecosystem, and comes from a range of different sources. One of the biggest offenders is cleaning products, both those used at home and in commercial and industrial… [...]
21 March 2023A building manager is responsible for providing a safe and well-maintained environment. This means organising repairs and cleaning and being receptive to the requests and needs of tenants. In many instances, including office blocks, apartment buildings, and retail complexes, that also includes carpark cleaning. Keeping… [...]
27 June 2023After a storm passes through, there’s a good chance that your carpark is looking a little worse for wear. And if you manage a basement carpark, you may well have had water flowing into the parking area, bringing with it all kinds of dirt and… [...]
24 July 2023Every building manager in Sydney has a duty to maintain a safe environment in their complex. This includes the carpark… which can be full of hazards if not properly handled. After all, vehicles and pedestrians moving about in restricted spaces is not an ‘ideal’ combination…. [...]
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plays a very important role in supporting Australians with disabilities. The NDIS helps people access essential support and services with funding so that the recipient can enjoy a better quality of life.  Among these services is NDIS cleaning, funded......

  • Keeping a large building site (or even a small one) requires regular cleaning with specialised equipment. As a project manager or builder, you probably already have your hands full… so expert construction site cleaning offers the perfect solution to this issue. A quality construction site......

  • Maintaining a clean and well-kept car park is essential for businesses and residential dwellings.  A cleaner space contributes to a positive first impression and overall customer satisfaction. For tenants, living in a space where cleanliness is prioritised creates a happier and healthier community. However, actually......

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Comm Ercial
Comm Ercial
We have been using these guys for sometime now and i have to say the service is outstanding. High quality good rates and always ontime. Highly recommended
Leigh Burges
Leigh Burges
Professional company to deal with and great service from Steve & Adam. Highly recommended for any work.
Miroslav Krpelán
Miroslav Krpelán
Sydney Sweep and Scrub has been cleaning the three levels of carpark in my building for the last two years. Very happy with their work. Friendly team & always excellent outcome.
Jeremy Musial
Jeremy Musial
Highly recommended! Quality service by a professional team at an unbeatable price. Our 20 year old carpark looks like new.
George Ishac
George Ishac
Great service and on time
Raymond Stafferton
Raymond Stafferton
As always, Sydney Sweep and Scrub do a thoroughly fantastic job and there service is exceptional. Their rates are unbeatable. Highly recommended by Australian Carpark Systems.
Nilesh Patel
Nilesh Patel
Excellent job done by you guys at my Office. Highly recommended!!