Tips on Removing Grease and Oil in Your Warehouse

Tips on Removing Grease and Oil in Your Warehouse

Warehouses are hives of activity, full of busy workers, as well as active machinery, trucks and forklifts.

As a result of all this action, chemical spills are commonplace, most often grease and oil.

These spills are a health and safety risk, as well as being unsightly.

For one, spills present a slip and fall injury risk to your workers. This can end in sprains, broken bones, or even a serious head injury.

As well as this, these liquids can be harmful to your staff. Inhaling them for an extended period can cause headaches and affect the respiratory system.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that stained concrete simply looks bad.

Presenting this kind of workspace to customers, clients, upper management and even your own staff won’t give a good impression.

Lastly, stains of this type present an environmental hazard. When grease and oil are left on concrete, they can end up being washed into the storm water system.

From there, they end up in our waterways and can have a terrible impact on the natural habitat of a variety of plants and animals.

Therefore, these stains should be cleaned up, and quickly. The faster they are cleaned, the less time available for the grease or oil to seep into the concrete.

The best way to have your grease and oil stains removed is to contact an experienced sweep and scrub contractor, such as Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

We are very well versed in removing grease and oil from concrete surfaces, having a wealth of experience in cleaning warehouses and car parks, all over Sydney.

Our cutting-edge ride-on machines, as well as modern pressure washers and other cleaning equipment allow us to adeptly remove all kinds of stains.

Here are the best methods on handling grease and oil stains.

How to Best Clean Oil and Grease Stains

Grease and oil stains can be stubborn adversaries, and simply trying to scrub or use cold water to clean them is ineffective.

To combat these unsightly stains, we use high pressure hot water, as well as eco-friendly chemicals.

This combination of heat, force and degreasing agents lifts the grease or oil from the concrete. From there, we mop it up, leaving your surface clean as a whistle.

Furthermore, to avoid any contaminants entering your drains, we use sandbags. This means your impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.

To discuss removing grease or oil stains in your warehouse, get in touch with us here.

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