Industrial Sweeping: Five Things You Need to Know

Industrial Sweeping: Five Things You Need to Know

A regular sweep of floor surface is important for any industrial business.

Warehouses and factories gather all kinds of dust and dirt, and it’s imperative this is cleaned consistently.

Removing these contaminants protects the health of your staff and maintains a sparkling, functional working environment.

Here are five things you need to know about industrial sweeping.

We Prioritise Health and Safety

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, safe practice is at the heart of what we do.

Our experienced operaters are thoroughly trained in workplace health and safety, and take absolute care when on-site.

Furthermore, our ride-on sweepers are optimised for the safety of the operator, as well as anyone else nearby.

For instance, these vehicles are equipped with a ‘thermo-sentry’ system, which protects the operator by automatically shutting down if the hopper increases in temperature.

As well as this, they are equipped with a seat occupancy switch, which turns the engine off within seconds of the driver leaving the seat.

To protect those in the vicinity of the machine, a three-stage dust filtration system ensures 99% of microns are filtered into the system.

That means your workers can breathe easy.

Our Ride-On Sweepers are LPG Powered

LPG engines are much more cost-efficient, and better for the environment.

This means that our machines release less harmful contaminants into the atmosphere, making it safer for the operator and your staff.

The reduced cost of gas also means that these vehicles are cheaper to run, which saves your business money.

Large Brushes Mean Increased Productivity

Our ride-on sweep and scrub machines have a sweeping path of up to 62 inches.

This means more ground covered over less time, and therefore a reduced cost to operate, in terms of both time and money.

Our Sweepers Have an Extended Machine Life

This is due to a heavy gauge steel frame and corrosion-resistant body construction.

Our sweeping machines are truly state of the art, and this is on display in their performance, as well as their durability.

We Only Need One Machine to Clean

The versatility of our ride-on sweepers means we only need the one machine to thoroughly clean your space.

Whether that be a warehouse, factory, car park, we can not only sweep all manner of dirt and dust, but we can also scrub your concrete surfaces.

This two-in-one ability gives us an edge over the competition, and guarantees you a speedy but professional result.

To discuss sweeping and scrubbing your industrial space, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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