Post-Construction Concrete Cleaning

Post-Construction Concrete Cleaning

A post-construction clean involves washing all sorts of surfaces and removing all kinds of waste, stains and grime.

The most common surface material on a building site will be concrete. And concrete can gather a large number of contaminants throughout the construction process.

Therefore, these surfaces need a professional, thorough clean before the building can be handed over, or even sent on to the next stage.

Here are some common issues that need to be dealt with when cleaning concrete.


The first stage of the cleaning process is to remove any leftover rubbish.

Construction waste can consist of wood, concrete, brick, plastic, metal and all other manner of rubbish.

Before surfaces can be cleaned, this rubbish needs to be removed by a professional waste removal contractor.

A company like this will provide the best clean possible, leaving your concrete surfaces ready for a thorough wash.


It’s very easy for concrete surfaces to become coated with dust on a building site.

This isn’t just an aesthetic issue either, as various kinds of dust can be harmful to anyone who sets foot in the building.

For instance, silica dust can be found in many common construction materials, such as concrete, sand, masonry and some soil.

The silica dust spreads when cutting, grinding or drilling these materials.

Unfortunately, inhaling silica dust can cause silicosis, which can be a fatal condition. It can cause lung cancer, kidney disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Other types of dust can be harmful too; wood dust and lower toxicity dusts from plasterboard, limestone and marble all cause respiratory and eye irritation.

To best deal with this dust after construction, a professional sweep and scrub needs to booked in.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub are very experienced in dealing with all kinds of dust, and our cutting-edge machines remove all dust effectively.

We practice safety and sustainability in everything we do, and totally guarantee our methods.


Grease and oil spills can be extremely difficult to remove.

However, a sweep and scrub contractor can quickly and efficiently remove these contaminants, with well-practiced methods.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub use a combination of expertise, modern pressure washers and eco-friendly chemicals to get the best clean possible.

To discuss a post-construction concrete clean, get in touch with us here.

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