This is Why You Must Remove the Graffiti in Your Sydney Carpark

This is Why You Must Remove the Graffiti in Your Sydney Carpark

The scourge of graffiti is common all across Sydney, as well as other Aussie capitals. Graffiti vandals often target industrial areas, train lines, and of course… carparks! These concrete spaces are usually quiet, particularly at night. This makes them an ideal target for vandals; unfortunately, most carpark managers and owners must deal with graffiti regularly. 

Prevention is clearly the most important approach to dealing with this vandalism, and CCTV, security, and gates can help with this. But if it’s too late and the graffiti has already appeared on your concrete walls or floors, you must act quickly. 

Removing graffiti from your carpark quickly is critical for your space and your business. Unsightly tags and poor-quality artwork can keep people away, and make it more likely that other vandals will target your carpark… because clearly, someone else has already got away with it!

This is why you must remove the graffiti in your Sydney carpark.

Deter further vandalism

A carpark that is covered in graffiti will be more likely to attract further vandalism. That will include more graffiti, as well as the potential for other damage to your facilities. For example, smashed glass, broken lights, and even damaged vehicles. This kind of vandalism can be costly to repair, give your business a bad name and reputation, and keep customers away.

Fortunately, a carpark that is clean and free from graffiti is more likely to deter vandals. A well-presented carpark gives off the impression that it is a safe space, and that there are measures in place to deter criminal activity. CCTV helps maintain this deterrence and keep vandals away from your carpark.

A professional Sydney carpark cleaning company will be able to ensure that your space is looking spick and span, and sure to keep vandals away. What’s more, we can attack the graffiti quickly, ensuring there’s no time wasted. Even one night can result in further vandalism, damage to your carpark, and damage to your business operations.

Boost business

A cleaner carpark is much more likely to receive more business than one that is filthy and covered in graffiti… that’s just common sense. 

Picture this: you’re a commuter, driving into the city for a night out. You have the option of two carparks, side by side. One of them is covered in graffiti, looks dingy and is largely unclean. The other carpark is sparkling clean, without any graffiti or vandalism. Which one will you choose?

We already know the answer of course… so it’s essential to make sure that your customers aren’t shying away from your carpark because of unsightly graffiti. Swift service by a Sydney carpark cleaning company is therefore critical. And at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re ready to help. Our professional cleaning staff know exactly how to get graffiti off your concrete surfaces quickly and efficiently, so you can return to business as soon as possible.

Exude health and safety

Health and safety is so important in a space like a carpark. This space is already dangerous enough, thanks to the vehicle and pedestrian traffic in such tight quarters. Unfortunately, graffiti in your carpark creates a number of other health and safety problems which can affect your staff, your employees and anyone else who uses your space.

Spray paint can leave harmful fumes, long after the paint has been applied. What’s more, if the paint has been applied to the ground, it can cause all kinds of slip and fall hazards, seriously endangering your customers. Further to this, graffiti attracts more vandals and therefore, may result in a less safe environment for your customers.

Ensure longevity

The paint that is applied to the walls and sometimes floors of your carpark is a special product, designed to protect the concrete surfaces. Unfortunately, when graffiti is applied to your carpark in the form of spray paint, it weakens the protective coating that was there originally. This makes the protective paint less effective against the elements.

The longer the graffiti sits on your walls and floors, the more likely that spray paint is to eat away at the protective coating. That then causes more damage to your concrete and other underlying materials… and the long term result could well be expensive repairs! Simply cleaning up any graffiti quickly and efficiently will avoid this problem entirely.

Hire a professional Sydney carpark cleaning company today

If you try to remove graffiti from your carpark yourself, it’s likely the job won’t be done properly. This is more due to the equipment and expertise required, than your own application! But it will also take a long time, which is simply a waste when there are professionals here to handle it.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re well versed in graffiti removal Sydney. In fact, we’ve serviced hundreds of clients across the city and removed huge amounts of graffiti quickly and effectively. In fact, with our tried and tested methods, experience and understanding of the job, we’re the best in the business.
If you need Sydney graffiti removal, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub today.

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