End of Lease Office Redecoration in Sydney

End of Lease Office Redecoration in Sydney

When it comes to the end of a commercial lease, you’ll need to leave your office in good condition… usually, just as you left it. Throughout your lease, it’s inevitable that some sort of wear and tear and cosmetic damage will occur. Therefore, redecorating is often advised before vacating your Sydney office space.

The degree to which your office must be redecorated will likely be determined by the makegood clause in your Sydney commercial lease. Alternatively, your lease may contain a separate clause, for redecoration, often referred to as the redecoration clause. This is why it’s always essential to fully understand the clauses before signing your lease.

If you’re caught out, speak to a company that specialises in makegoods, and they’ll do their best to help you negotiate a fair and reasonable outcome without breaking the bank. 

What is end-of-lease office redecoration?

Redecorating your office at the end of your lease (or at any time, really) involves cosmetic maintenance to various fixtures, fittings, surfaces and built-in furniture. That of course, depends on what is staying and what is being stripped-out as part of your makegood obligation.


Sydney commercial leases tend to last at least a few years. After that time, a fresh lick of paint is often necessary. As we all know from home and work, walls will receive all kinds of marks through innocent, day-to-day accidents. It might be when shifting furniture or simply walking down the corridor… scrapes, scratches and marks do happen!

A fresh lick of paint will make the workplace look a million bucks, and will fulfill your duties when it comes to redecorating your office. It is important that you contract a professional design and fit-out company to do this for you though, so that the job is done right the first time.

Carpet cleaning

The carpet in your office will inevitably take a beating! Therefore, it’s so important that when vacating, you ensure that your carpets receive professional steam cleaning from a certified Sydney commercial cleaning company, such as Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Carpets grab onto all sorts of contaminants… dust, dirt, mould and literally anything else will find its way into the pile of your carpet. From there, it’s very difficult to remove! Leaving the carpet in your office unclean is simply unacceptable, and your landlord will not tolerate that. Therefore, when redecorating, ensure that you clean your carpets thoroughly.

Rubbish removal

Office-based businesses all over Sydney experience a build-up of waste. It’s simply part of a functional office… unless you’ve managed to create a no-waste offices. If that’s the case, we congratulate you! However, if not, you need to get that waste removed as part of your office redecoration. 

Sydney City Rubbish are the perfect waste management partners for an office redecoration. They can remove all kinds of office junk from your old workplace, including furniture, e-waste, large recyclables and any other rubbish that needs to go. What’s more, they’ll do it swiftly and safely at all times.


Patching might be necessary when redecorating your Sydney office space. If you’ve accidentally knocked a few small holes in your walls or doors, these need to be repaired properly. Basically, it needs to look as if nothing ever happened!

It takes the right experience and expertise to patch walls and doors correctly. Therefore, it’s important to hire a company that will patch any dings, dents or holes properly. A Sydney office maintenance company such as Niche Projects will be able to handle your patching job with ease. They have years of experience and only work with the best trades.

When it comes to office maintenance and redecoration, you’ll be in good hands with Niche Projects.

Why would you need to redecorate your Sydney office?

The answer is often a simple one and is dictated by the lease agreement that you signed before moving into your new office space. As we mentioned before, almost every Sydney office lease will include a makegood clause, stipulating the condition you must return the office to after vacating. Many leases will also contain a redecoration clause.

If this clause is present, you will need to fulfill your obligations as a tenant. However, if the clause is vague, you could benefit from hiring a makegood specialist to negotiate a favourable outcome for you and your business.

Office redecoration may also be required if:

  • You’ve recently refurbished your office and require some finishing touches.
  • Need a simple refresh of your workspace.
  • Extensive damage has been caused well before the end of your lease.

So, who offers office redecoration in Sydney?

There are a number of contractors who can provide excellent office redecoration services in Sydney. If you’re redecorating as part of your makegood obligation, you can work with an office makegoods advisor. Sydney office maintenance companies are another option, while Sydney rubbish removal contractors can handle that pesky waste. 

If you need office redecoration in Sydney, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to help.

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