These are the Top Five Sydney Warehouse Cleaning Tips You Need

These are the Top Five Sydney Warehouse Cleaning Tips You Need

Warehouse cleaning can be a tough task. There are plenty of areas to consider and thanks to the type of work you may do, they probably take a beating. 

A clean warehouse, factory or dispatch facility is important for businesses, employees and even the customers who will ultimately be receiving the product. Therefore, we’ve put together these tips on how to ensure your Sydney warehouse is getting the best clean possible.

Educate your staff

Education is key in keeping your workplace clean and tidy. It’s this simple… if your employees understand how important it is to tidy up after themselves, they’ll be more inclined to do so. This can simply be a wipe down of their workstation or machine at the end of each work day and ensuring that any additional mess they make is cleaned up.

Keeping employees interested in workplace cleaning and educated about the best practices, can be a tough proposition. However, there are some simple steps that can help. This includes quick morning meetings that address cleaning protocols, friendly reminders by email, and signs around the warehouse, which remind your staff to clean up after themselves.

Keep it eco-friendly

Eco-friendly cleaning is a must, no matter the workplace. Warehouse cleaning usually requires a particular kind of approach, thanks to the fact that there is a wide range of chemicals and contaminants found in a bustling warehouse or factory. Traditionally, this has involved harsh cleaning agents, necessary to remove spills and stains from concrete. However, there are now better options available!

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our cutting-edge sweep and scrub machines allow us to clean large tracts of concrete flooring quickly and efficiently… without chemicals! These machines use a combination of high-power jets, heavy-duty scrubbing brushes, and electrically activated water to get a phenomenal clean, every single time.

What’s more, for any particularly difficult stains or spills, we’ll use a biodegradable degreaser to lift these contaminants from your floors, leaving them spick and span.

Hire a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning company

The easiest way to ensure your warehouse is getting the treatment it deserves is by hiring a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning company! At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’ve helped countless clients across the city improve the state of their warehouse and in turn, increase productivity, impress clients and stakeholders and enjoy a happier workforce.

We understand better than most that there is a true art to warehouse cleaning in Sydney. In a warehouse or a factory, there are myriad health and safety concerns, different workspaces and machines, as well as vehicles. Therefore, experience and expertise are an absolute must.

A professional contractor will know exactly what to look for, and how to get the best clean possible. In the end, that will mean a much more thorough clean, and you won’t be putting your own staff at risk. Hiring a cleaning company can also be cheaper in the long run, by ensuring the job is done properly the very first time.

Increase machine life

The contaminants floating around a Sydney warehouse will include all sorts of particles that can cause damage to your machinery over time. Moisture can cause rust, particularly when it finds its way into the working parts of an engine or motor. If your warehouse contains large machinery or vehicles, cleaning is paramount in keeping these in good order.

Longevity for the equipment and machinery in your warehouse means much less spent on replacements or even maintenance over the years. A simple, regular clean by a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning company will save you a lot in the long run by helping keep your machinery spick and span.

Know the benefits!

Regular warehouse cleaning comes with a wide range of benefits, and our last key tip is to understand those benefits! Knowing exactly how regular cleaning can have a positive impact on your warehouse will help ensure you and your staff keep on top of it, or book in the professionals for regular warehouse cleaning.

A healthier, safer space

Professional warehouse cleaning creates a healthier and safer space for your employees! We all know that workplaces, including warehouses, can be a haven for bacteria and viruses, especially in this post-covid world. And therefore, it goes without saying that regular cleaning which eliminates this bacteria makes your workplace healthier and safer for employees.

Studies have shown that regular cleaning of workstations and desks reduces instances of illness among workers. The same goes for cleaning the interior of work vehicles and machinery, such as trucks and forklifts. And this policy carries over into the rest of the high-traffic areas in your Sydney warehouse.

Increased efficiency

A cleaner workplace is a more presentable one, and on top of that, it’s a more functional space. The efficiency of your staff and your place of business should always be a consideration and by cleaning regularly, you’re giving your people the best chance possible to be efficient at work. We all know that efficiency equals productivity and therefore, your business will be much more likely to succeed. 

Better presentation for clients and stakeholders

A clean warehouse simply looks better, and it will give your clients and stakeholders renewed confidence in your organisation. A sparkling space exudes professionalism! And when you regularly have clients and stakeholders visiting or touring your Sydney warehouse, it’s important that you provide an exceptional experience.

Businesses often depend on strong relationships to ensure they are productive, and these relationships can be impacted by the way your workplace looks and feels. Therefore, never underestimate the effects a clean workplace can have.

Get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub today

As mentioned earlier, a key tip for Sydney warehouse cleaning is to hire a professional contractor. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re the best in the business. Our methods are unrivalled, our cleaning professionals are enthusiastic and entirely committed to every project and we deliver an excellent result, every single time.
If you require regular or one-off warehouse cleaning, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to book in your Sydney warehouse cleaning, or to get an obligation-free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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