The Importance of Sweeping and Scrubbing Your Carpark After a Storm

The Importance of Sweeping and Scrubbing Your Carpark After a Storm

After a storm passes through, there’s a good chance that your carpark is looking a little worse for wear. And if you manage a basement carpark, you may well have had water flowing into the parking area, bringing with it all kinds of dirt and debris. It’s important to get your facility back in shape after a storm so that you can operate normally. These are the main reasons you need an expert sweep and scrub service for your parking lot or concrete area, after a storm. 

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Prevent clogged drains

In the aftermath of a storm, there may well be a large amount of debris scattered around your carpark or common areas. This debris can vary in material but often includes leaves, rubbish, rocks, and more. This debris gets washed toward (and into) your drains, where it can clog up pipes and channels. Next time you have heavy rain, you’ll be at risk of flooding.

Flooding in a carpark, particularly a basement carpark, can be a disaster. It can cause plenty of damage to the facility, as well as the vehicles that your customers, tenants or employees have parked there. But this can be avoided to a point, by preventing clogged drains. Expert Sydney carpark cleaning will remove debris efficiently and effectively. 

If you require carpark de-flooding in Sydney, we can help with that. We’ve worked with clients all over the city to remove large volumes of water and debris from their facilities with ease. We couple this with a sweep and scrub service, leaving the carpark in exceptional condition.

Prevent water pollution

Water pollution is a significant risk after any large storm. Preventing debris from entering and clogging drains is part of this, but there’s certainly more to it. A storm can wash all kinds of minuscule particles into our waterways, particularly during the days after when it may seem that the danger has passed.

This includes liquid chemicals such as grease and oil, which are commonplace in carparks. Unfortunately, these compounds can wreak havoc on the environment, damaging and killing plant and animal life. Preventing pollution after a storm is of the utmost importance, and the only way to do so is with thorough, expert carpark cleaning.

We take every measure to ensure that no nasty elements enter your drains when cleaning. We’ll sandbag the relevant areas to prevent chemicals from flowing into drains and mop up efficiently and effectively. We’ll give special treatment to any areas that need it, to make sure we’re lifting stains and chemicals carefully and safely. 

This goes a long way towards preventing water pollution in your Sydney carpark.

Maintain appearances

It’s important to return your carpark or other space to peak condition as soon as possible. After a storm, there’s a good chance that your facility won’t be in tip-top shape. A large storm will spread all kinds of debris and contaminants around, leaving your concrete surfaces covered in dirt and water stains, among other things.

An expert sweep and scrub is the only thing that will return your carpark to its form glory. And it’s absolutely essential to maintain an excellent appearance, particularly if you are providing parking space to the general public. As a business, you’ll need to be doing everything you can to attract customers to your carpark. 

Your appearance has a big impact on your standing as a business. If customers are looking for a place to park in Sydney, find your facility, but it’s poorly maintained, they won’t be coming back. On top of that, there’s a good chance that they’ll be leaving a poor review to warn off other would-be customers. Avoid this eventuality with carpark sweeping and scrubbing by the experts.

Prevent long-term damage

If you don’t clean your carpark, stadium, or concrete area after a storm, you could be opening yourself up to long-term damage. All of the debris, chemicals, and moisture that is left over after a storm will eat away at your concrete and your marked lines if it isn’t removed in a swift manner. That kind of long-term damage then requires repairs and maintenance, which can be expensive.

Cleaning your carpark promptly in the aftermath of a large storm will prevent long-term damage to your facility. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we know full well the effects of moisture that is left to its own devices. It can seep into existing cracks and cause ‘concrete cancer’, resulting in crumbling, and even structural damage. 

Much of this can be avoided with regular Sydney carpark cleaning services.

Reduce the chance of accidents

A carpark can be a dangerous space. The combination of vehicles moving in tight spaces, and pedestrians walking around, means the chance of an accident is rather high. This risk increases when the carpark is dirty, such as after a storm. Debris and wet patches on the floor surfaces become slip-and-fall risks and may affect a vehicle’s ability to gain traction.

An expert carpark sweep and scrub after a storm will keep your facility safe for all. We’ll remove all of the post-storm stains and debris, keeping your carpark in compliance with health and safety standards and requirements. In the end, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that your customers and your employees are safer at all times.

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At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we deliver expert carpark sweeping and scrubbing services to a range of different facilities. When it comes to post-storm cleaning, you need the best in the business. And we’re ready to help you return your carpark, stadium, or event space to its original condition.
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