The Benefits of Automated Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing Systems

The Benefits of Automated Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing Systems

Keeping a warehouse or a factory in tip-top shape requires regular cleaning and maintenance. This can be a time-consuming process and eats into efficiency if you attempt to have your own employees do the cleaning. Expert industrial cleaning with quality sweeping and scrubbing is the best way to keep your warehouse or factory in prime condition. And automated sweeping and scrubbing is one option that comes with a range of benefits. We’ll take a closer look at these below.

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What is automated sweeping and scrubbing?

It’s important to first establish what automated sweeping and scrubbing actually entails. Technology has advanced to a point where we can utilise the latest machinery and equipment to clean a warehouse or factory without having to hand sweep and scrub. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we use only the very best sweep and scrub machines.

Automated sweeping and scrubbing can go even further than this, with robotic machines that direct themselves and move as they clean. They are able to avoid collisions by using sensors. However, at this point in time, these machines are not powerful enough, too rare, and very expensive to purchase. Therefore, they are not a viable option.

Why does your facility require sweeping and scrubbing?

Regular sweeping and scrubbing keep a busy warehouse or factory in excellent condition. This is necessary to ensure that all of your processes are running smoothly, employees are safe at all times, and you’re always making a good impression on customers, clients, and stakeholders. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, this is what we do for several clients around Sydney.

What are the benefits of automated industrial sweeping and scrubbing?

Automating your industrial cleaning processes comes with many notable benefits. To reap the benefits of this kind of cleaning, all you need to do is hire an experienced and well-equipped industrial cleaning company in Sydney.

A boost in productivity

Automating processes often boosts productivity. This is certainly true for warehouse and factory sweeping and scrubbing. These cleaning systems can cover large areas quickly and effectively, which reduces the time and effort required to clean a large industrial space. There’s no need for excessive manual labour, as our expert operators drive the sweep and scrub machines with ease. However, for the removal of particularly tough stains, we utilise pressure washers.

Making use of automated cleaning processes also boosts productivity for your own people. We’re able to clean your facility faster, meaning less disruption for your workers. And a space that is efficiently cleaned on a regular basis is more conducive to happier and more productive employees… no matter the type of facility.

Superior cleaning performance

The ride-on sweep and scrub machinery that we utilise offers a far superior cleaning performance when compared to traditional, labour-intensive methods. Making use of brooms and scrubbers simply doesn’t deliver the same clean as industrial-quality machine sweeping and scrubbing. And the former is entirely dependent on how hard the operator works! 

Every warehouse manager needs to be choosing the most efficient and superior cleaning service available. We can effectively use the high-pressure jets of water and heavy-duty brushes on our machines to remove all contaminants from your concrete floors. For anything industrial grade or chemical, we’ll utilise pressure washers and biodegradable degreasers.

Superior industrial cleaning, every single time.

Improved safety and compliance

It’s incredibly important to maintain a safe and compliant industrial working environment. Regular, automated sweeping and scrubbing will make a significant contribution to keeping your warehouse or your factory in good shape. We can do this by removing hazards like loose debris, dust and dirt, oil, chemicals, grease, and more. Doing so reduces the chance of slip and fall accidents and associated injuries.

We have immense experience in Sydney industrial cleaning. By using our automated sweep and scrub machines, we can ensure your facility is safe at all times. Every employee deserves to be working in a healthy environment, and every warehouse manager should be providing this kind of environment.

It’s more cost-efficient

Manual cleaning takes longer and most of the time, this equates to higher cost. The majority of that cost is labour, which can be avoided by utilising automated sweep and scrub machinery. This means lowering the associated costs of wages, insurances, additional permits, and of course, training.

Cost savings on industrial cleaning means more money in the coffers for other warehouse expenses. Whether that’s upgrading other equipment, replacing computers and machinery, upgrading your warehouse kitchen or even saving to build a warehouse mezzanine office, financial savings are always an excellent result.

Environmentally friendly

Automated sweeping and scrubbing systems have been designed to be more environmentally friendly. Our high-tech sweep and scrub machines conserve water, power, and fuel. They use no chemicals, instead making the most of electrically charged, high-pressure jets of H2O. Our team is also highly-trained to ensure that every industrial cleaning application is as eco-friendly as possible. This is a huge bonus for every business!

Expert industrial cleaning in Sydney

Automated industrial sweeping and scrubbing systems deliver improved efficiency, superior cleaning performance, enhanced safety, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re here to ensure your business is ready to reap the benefits.
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