Sydney Strata Cleaning: Washing Windows with Telescopic Poles

Sydney Strata Cleaning: Washing Windows with Telescopic Poles

Our Sydney strata cleaning encompasses a wide range of cleaning services for a variety of strata and residential complexes.

From cleaning common areas and bathrooms, to carparks and bin areas, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’ve got it all covered.

One of the most important parts of any strata complex is the windows.

Without clean windows, your residents and tenants won’t be getting as much natural light in their space as they need. Moreover, a complex with unclean windows simply looks undesirable.

Therefore, it’s essential you hire a professional Sydney strata cleaning company to handle your windows.

Quite often, windows in a strata complex can be stories high and rather difficult to clean. This poses some problems for both management and your cleaning company.

However, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re equipped with telescopic poles which can extend to great heights to clean your windows.

It’s Faster

Cleaning your windows with telescopic poles makes the whole process far quicker.

By utilising this type of equipment, we save plenty of time on setting up more heavy-duty machinery like cherry pickers or scaffolding.

That means more time spent ensuring that the windows of your strata complex are gleaming, leaving your residents happy.

Moreover, swift and comprehensive cleaning service makes your strata complex far more attractive a proposition to new potential tenants.

Health and Safety

Window cleaning at height can be fraught with danger.

Whether window cleaners are using scaffolding, ladders or heavy machinery like cherry pickers, there is enormous risk.

Falling due to faulty equipment can cause life threatening injuries and even death. Thankfully though, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we can avoid this risk entirely.

By using telescopic poles to clean your Sydney strata complex windows, we remove any chance of our staff falling and injuring themselves.

Moreover, that means total peace of mind for your management during your Sydney strata cleaning service.

Financial Savings

Comprehensive window cleaning with telescopic poles means a financial saving for your Sydney strata complex.

It can be a costly affair using cherry pickers or other machinery, not to mention more expense when it comes to hourly labour costs.

Thankfully, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we can provide a thorough, safe and affordable cleaning service for your high-up windows and balconies.

To discuss Sydney strata cleaning for your complex, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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