Sydney Commercial Cleaning: The Health Benefits of Clean Windows

Sydney Commercial Cleaning: The Health Benefits of Clean Windows

The windows are an important part of any Sydney office or commercial space.

Natural light must flow into your office and clean windows make an office feel much larger, which is an obvious benefit for your staff.

Here are some more health benefits of regular commercial cleaning for your windows.

Reduce Allergens

The windows in a busy Sydney office or commercial space will collect all manner of contaminants, including dirt and pollen.

These particles build up on the glass, and on the windowsills.

Unfortunately, these particles, as well as bits of hair, skin and other allergens, can cause all kinds of irritation.

Signs of allergies amongst your staff include:

  • Headaches.
  • Itchy eyes and skin.
  • Coughing, sneezing or sniffling.
  • Nausea and fatigue.

You’d be surprised at how much dirty windows and windowsills can contribute to these symptoms, even among employees who aren’t close to windows.

Therefore, as part of your duty to providing a healthy and safe workplace, you must hire a professional Sydney commercial cleaning company to clean your windows.

Remove Dust

Dust is the bane of many a workplace.

It gets everywhere and seems to reappear as quickly as you can wipe or vacuum it away. This is certainly the case with your windows too.

Dust can coat glass, as well as settle on the windowsills in your office.

Moreover, there are a range of health concerns associated with constant exposure to and inhalation of dust.

These issues include skin problems, irritation to eyes, asthma, bronchitis and even silicosis if silica dust is inhaled.

For these reasons, ensure that you hire a Sydney commercial cleaning company that carefully cleans your windows.

Eliminate Pests

Pests like insects and bugs can quickly take refuge on your windowsills.

A buildup of cobwebs, dust and other contaminants makes it a likely spot for them. This is obviously undesirable, considering they can spread germs and make your office look undesirable.

Therefore, protect your staff from pests and ensure your space is as presentable as possible by hiring Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Prevent Mould and Other Contaminants

Windows and windowsills are susceptible to a concentration of mould.

This is due to the presence of condensation, as well as the temperature changes that windows are prone to.

Mould can cause all kinds of health problems amongst staff, and anyone else that might be present in your office.

Spores can cause problems with the respiratory system and exacerbate conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

Therefore, it’s essential this risk is eliminated with regular commercial cleaning for your windows. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re here to help.

Easier to See Damage

Sometimes, your windows might have cracks in them that are difficult to see.

Dust and other marks can cover up damage, which can only make things worse. Therefore, regular cleaning can save you stress in the long run.

Not only can the damage become worse without you realising, but cracks pose a huge health and safety risk.

With regular Sydney commercial cleaning, you’ll be able to much better identify any potential damage to your windows.

To discuss your Sydney commercial cleaning, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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