Sydney Commercial Office Cleaning: The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Sydney Commercial Office Cleaning: The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a versatile, powerful way to blast a variety of surfaces free of stains and other undesirable elements.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we now operate steam cleaners as part of our comprehensive commercial office cleaning service.

This means that we have more cleaning ability than ever before, leaving absolutely no surface untouched.

Here are four benefits of steam cleaning for your Sydney office or workspace.


Usually, you associate steam cleaning with carpet. However, steam cleaners can actually effectively clean a number of surfaces.

In fact, steam cleaners can thoroughly clean not just carpet, but hardwood, concrete and tiles, as well as upholstery and curtains.

This makes steam cleaning machines a great option for not just the carpet floors in your workspace, but also the kitchen, bathrooms and even the furniture and curtains.

Moreover, when you hire a professional Sydney commercial cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing that we know how to clean each and every finish in your office.

Kill Bacteria

Steam cleaners are an extremely effective way to kill germs and bugs.

In fact, most steam cleaners will kill 99.9% of the bacteria that is inevitably present in or on your floor finishes.

This is due to the extremely high temperatures that steam cleaners operate at. For example, a steam cleaner runs at about 100 degrees Celsius.

At that heat, virtually none of the bacteria and germs can survive. This is a fantastic outcome for your staff, as it reduces the chance of them becoming ill.

Therefore, look after your workers and create a safe and healthy workplace with a professional Sydney commercial office cleaning service, from Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

No Need for Chemicals

The combination of heat and vapour delivered by a steam cleaner means that chemicals are not required for an effective clean.

Therefore, this saves your business money, as well as making steam cleaning a far more eco-friendly process.


Steam cleaning is one of the most eco-friendly ways to clean a variety of surfaces. This is because this type of equipment does not use any chemicals, meaning there’s no pollution.

Furthermore, our steam cleaners are energy efficient, resulting in less energy used during the actual cleaning process.

Therefore, when you schedule a regular Sydney commercial office cleaning service with Sydney Sweep and Scrub, you’ll be getting a sustainable result.

To discuss a Sydney commercial office cleaning service for your business, including steam cleaning, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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