Sydney Commercial Cleaning: What Can I Clean with a Steam Cleaner?

Sydney Commercial Cleaning: What Can I Clean with a Steam Cleaner?

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Sydney, versatility is important.

Businesses and strata properties are made up of a wide range of facilities, spaces and areas, that can require a variety of different cleaning equipment.

That’s when versatile, dynamic cleaning technology comes in handy. For commercial and strata cleaning, one of the most versatile cleaning machines is a steam cleaner.

To prove that, here are just some of the materials that we can clean with a steam cleaner.


When people think steam cleaning, they think of carpeted surfaces.

That’s fair enough, because one of the most common applications of a steam cleaner is thoroughly cleaning carpet of stains, germs and bacteria.

Whether it’s in your office, strata complex or retail space, we can professionally clean your carpets with our cutting-edge steam cleaning equipment.

We’ll leave it gleaming, ensuring its useful lifespan is extended, and it’s a safe and healthy surface for those that use it.


At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we clean plenty of buildings with hardwood floors.

Thankfully, we can actually utilise steam cleaners to remove any kind of dirt and mark from your hardwood surfaces, swifty and efficiently.

However, the hardwood must be sealed, or else steam cleaning can damage it. Therefore, we’re unable to steam clean unsealed wooden floors.

Only hire a professional Sydney commercial cleaning company to do this for you, otherwise your surfaces can be compromised.

Tiles and Grout

Steam cleaning is also an effective way to clean your tiles and grout.

Whether that’s in the bathroom, kitchen or any other areas, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub we can thoroughly clean your tiles and grout.

This makes for a far better-looking space, as well as a healthier and safer bathroom or kitchen for the people who use it.


The upholstery on your furniture is another material that we can easily clean with our cutting-edge steam cleaning equipment.

Couches and chairs are prone to stains and marks. Therefore, it’s important to keep your furniture presentable with regular Sydney commercial cleaning.

With our steam cleaners, we’ll leave your upholstery looking as good as new.


Similar to your upholstery, we can also clean fabric curtains with our steam cleaners.

This means curtains free of stains, as well as any potentially harmful dust and dirt. When particles such as these become airborne, they can be dangerous to anyone who inhales them.

To discuss a Sydney commercial cleaning service for your business or property, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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