Pressure Washing with Hot Water

Pressure Washing with Hot Water

Hot pressure washers are a must on commercial jobs.

Whilst they can be twice as expensive as cold pressure washers, hot washers hold a serious edge. There are a number of stains and pollutants that cold washers simply can’t deal with.

The combination of extreme heat, strong water pressure and use of detergent makes these a necessity when dealing with tough stains.

Here are some of the best uses for a hot water pressure washer.

Cleaning Concrete

In a warehouse, car park or public space, plenty of dirt and other matter will inevitably get stuck to your concrete surfaces.

Cold water pressure washing can be effective against most of these stains. However, a hot water pressure wash will be quicker, and more effective.

Therefore, whilst they can be more expensive initially, a hot pressure washer will save you time and hassle in the long run.

Removing Grease or Oil

Hot water is simply a must when removing grease or oil stains.

Using only cold water on these substances will simply move the grease and oil around. It will not remove it.

However, a hot water pressure wash will melt the pollutants from the concrete. At temperatures of up to 155° Celsius, a hot pressure wash will handle grease and oil easily.

Chewing Gum

Hot pressure washing will actually melt chewing gum off of concrete surfaces. This makes it far easier to remove and dispose of responsibly.

Moreover, this is the most efficient way of removing chewing gum. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we specialise in difficult stains and chewing gum.

With sustainable and well tested practices, we’ll be sure to give you the best clean possible.

Tire Marks

The process of removing rubber tire marks from a concrete surface is made far easier with a hot pressure washer.

Spraying these marks at extremely hot temperatures is much more effective and more efficient than scrubbing, or using a cold pressure wash.

Plus, it’s more sustainable as will save on the use of harsh chemicals.

Kills Bacteria

Whilst a cold pressure washer can comfortably remove moss, mould and lichen, hot washers have another advantage here.

They will actually kill the bacteria as well as remove the stains.

Therefore, a hot wash will prevent these stains growing back, and make for a healthier environment for staff and customers.

For all of your pressure washing needs, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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