Pressure Washing with Cold Water

Pressure Washing with Cold Water

Pressure washers are an effective, versatile piece of equipment.

They can clean a variety of surfaces, and operate efficiently and powerfully.

Generally, pressure washers are affordable too. There is a vast range, from domestic machines to industrial and professional cleaning equipment.

Furthermore, pressure washers come in either cold or hot water washers. For now though, we’ll focus on cold water washers.

Cold water at high pressure can clean a number of surfaces, removing all kinds of grime.

They are also a more simple machine than a hot water washer. Therefore, they are cheaper to purchase.

As well as that, they are more cost-effective to operate. This is because energy use is minimal when there’s no need for water to be heated.

Additionally, cold water washers usually require less maintenance than their hot water counterparts.

There are a number of contaminants you should use a cold-water washer for.

Removing Dirt, Sand and Mud

Warehouses are fighting a constant battle with all kinds of dirt, grime and dust.

It could be particles flying in from outside. Or vehicles bringing in mud and dirt on tires, or staff carrying dust on their boots. Particles from pallets and boxes are other common pollutants.

As a result, your warehouse floor is probably coated with this grime. The best way to clean a large space is with a professional sweep and scrub company, like Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

However, for localised spots and particularly tough patches of dirt and grime, a cold pressure wash is the best method.

Cold water washers are extremely effective against dust and dirt, and there is generally no need for hot water.

Cleaning Vehicles

With all of this dust and debris floating around, vehicles operating in a warehouse will also end up coated in filth.

A cold pressure wash is a great way to clean your forklifts, machinery and other heavy-duty equipment.

The combination of pressure and water will efficiently strip all manner of grime, but will not affect any painted surfaces. Note that that also depends on the power of the pressure washer.

Removing Rust

Another contaminant commonly found in a warehouse is rust.

There is inevitably much metal machinery and equipment in an operational industrial business. Therefore, rust will no doubt be a problem to some degree.

Rust can also quickly build up on shelving, storage units and containers.

A hot water pressure washer may be slightly more effective than a cold pressure washer for rust, but it’s not necessary.

Therefore, a cold pressure wash is a better option, due to the fact that it is cheaper to purchase and cheaper to operate.

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