Sydney Sweep and Scrub Now Offer Line Marking

Sydney Sweep and Scrub Now Offer Line Marking

We’ve got some great news – Sydney Sweep and Scrub now offer line marking services.

Instead of employing two separate contractors for cleaning and marking, we can now do it all. This also includes line marking or line maintenance, separate to a sweep and scrub.

With our combined services, you’ll be saving time, money and unnecessary effort.

Car Parks

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we have a wealth of experience in sweeping and scrubbing all kinds of car park floor surfaces.

Our professionalism and cutting-edge equipment ensure that car park operators and business owners get the best clean possible.

Now, on top of cleaning, we can also mark lines in all sorts of car park spaces, and on all kinds of surfaces.

That includes polished concrete, brick and epoxy coated concrete.


In warehouses, line marking and maintenance is of the utmost importance.

For instance, safety, organisation and efficiency all benefit from well-marked lines. Ensure your surfaces are clean and lines freshly marked, by contracting Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Your business and your staff will thank you!

Public Spaces

We also offer line marking for public spaces.

It’s so important to maintain your public spaces, for the benefit of the community and to cultivate a positive aesthetic.

For that reason, contact Sydney Sweep and Scrub; we will sweep and scrub your space, and mark or maintain your lines.

For more information, get in touch with us here.

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