Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

Once a construction project has come to an end, there’s inevitably a mess to be dealt with.

This mess usually consists of various forms of construction waste. As well as that, there are unclean surfaces and filthy floors to scrub.

It’s imperative that this clean is thorough, and nothing is missed. Otherwise, you risk raising the ire of the new occupants of the building.

To help out, we’ve put together a comprehensive cleaning checklist for you.

Remove All Waste

The very first step is to remove all bulky construction waste.

There will often be all kinds of waste leftover by the building contractors. This can range from wood waste and plastic to concrete, piping and metal.

Moreover, disposing of this waste must be done responsibly. That means recycling everything that should be recycled, and correctly disposing of the rest.

Thankfully, an experienced construction rubbish removal contractor like Sydney City Rubbish can remove this waste for you.

They will dispose of the construction waste efficiently, and ensure all materials that can be, will be recycled and reused. That means there is a minimal impact on the environment.

Sweep and Scrub Concrete Surfaces

There will be a number of concrete surfaces on most commercial building sites.

A huge amount of dust and dirt will no doubt have settled onto these concrete surfaces. It’s unsightly, and a thorough clean is required to remove this dust.

Therefore, you’ll need to contract a professional sweep and scrub company to efficiently sweep and scrub your concrete surfaces.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub have a wealth of experience and expertise in cleaning construction sites. We use this expertise, along with our cutting-edge mechanical cleaning machines, to get the best clean possible.

Furthermore, Sydney Sweep and Scrub are fully committed to sustainable practices.

Clean the Interior Surfaces

Once your inside and outside concrete surfaces have been thoroughly swept and scrubbed, you’ll need to clean your interior surfaces.

All manner of surfaces need to be spick and span; fixtures, benchtops, walls and ceilings.

As well as that, it’s likely your carpets will be caked with dust and dirt. Have them vacuumed and if necessary, steam cleaned.

Replace Your Air Filters

The air filters in the ventilation systems will also have collected plenty of dust particles.

Therefore, it’s probable that the air filters will be clogged and need to be replaced. Thankfully, this is inexpensive and ideally, you will have planned for this earlier.

To discuss your post-construction clean up, get in touch with us here.

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