Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Car Park

Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Car Park

A clean car park is an important part of a successful business.

Customers can either be impressed by a sparkling space, or put off by a dingy, dusty parking area. The state of your car park can in fact, directly affect the success of your business.

This is particularly true if your car park is the business itself!

Therefore, it’s important to clean your car park properly. That means, avoiding common mistakes like these ones.

Pressure Washing Unnecessarily

Pressure washing with hot or cold water is extremely useful.

There are a variety of stains and spills that require a pressure wash. However, an overzealous pressure wash operator can actually damage your concrete surfaces.

For instance, if the pressure is too high, the nozzle too close to the surface, or the water jet applied for too long, your concrete can be worn away.

This is especially risky when cracks are present.

Therefore, it’s best to pressure wash only when necessary, and ideally by an experienced cleaning contractor.

Washing Too Fast

Another mistake made by cleaning companies is trying to get the job done too fast.

When operating cleaning equipment at a high speed, it’s inevitable that the quality of the clean will suffer.

As a result, dust, stains and other contaminants will be left behind.

You can be sure that Sydney Sweep and Scrub clean methodically, providing the best wash possible for your concrete surfaces.

Spreading Dust

Too often, cleaners simply sweep the concrete, and do not scrub.

This is a big mistake, as sweeping alone just spreads dust around the area, and doesn’t actually remove it.

In fact, this can be harmful to both the cleaner, and anyone else using the car park… that includes staff, customers and any other visitors.

The solution to this problem is to incorporate a scrub into your cleaning process.

With our cutting-edge ride-on vehicles, we can sweep and scrub your space with water and eco-friendly chemicals, picking up all manner of dust and dirt.

This is a much safer practice, and leaves your concrete sparkling clean.

To get discuss cleaning your car park, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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