Industrial Sweeping: Five More Things You Need to Know

Industrial Sweeping: Five More Things You Need to Know

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we have plenty of experience in sweeping a variety of industrial areas. This includes warehouses, factories and even car parks.

Furthermore, our cutting-edge cleaning vehicles allow our operators to produce a thorough, skillful clean.

We like to keep our customers informed, so here are five more things you need to know about industrial sweeping.

Our Vehicles Have Longer Run Times

With a combination of LPG operation and a ShakeMax360 filter, our machines guarantee longer run times.

This state of the art filter system removes dust particles from deep folds and improves air filtration, meaning a longer, more thorough clean.

Therefore, a longer run time means a more efficient operation, and a saving for you.

Our Machines are Highly Maneuverable

Whilst our sweepers have an excellent brushing width, they are also highly maneuverable in tights spaces.

This comes in very handy when sweeping and scrubbing in busy warehouses and storage facilities, meaning we get a thorough clean no matter how tight the space.

The Filters in Our Vehicles Clean Themselves

The ShakeMax 360 filter in both variants of our ride-on sweepers can actually clean from the inside out.

The filter shaker dislodges contaminants and particles from deep within the pleats of the filter, thereby ensuring it remains clean and functional.

We Save Plenty of Water

These days, every single measure should be taken to save water.

Thankfully, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we practice sustainability throughout all of our services, whether that be sweeping, scrubbing or pressure washing.

For instance, our ride-on sweepers use up to 70% less water, through ec-H20 technology. That results in a negligent impact on the environment, and longer operation.

Furthermore, this feature can end up saving you money and improve safety practices.

Our Sweepers Save on Chemicals

The aforementioned ec-H20 technology actually means we save on purchasing, storing, handling and mixing chemicals.

This is because our sweepers electronically activate water and chemical mixing, creating an innovative cleaning solution.

To discuss sweeping and scrubbing your industrial space, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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