The Importance of Saving Water in Industrial Cleaning

The Importance of Saving Water in Industrial Cleaning

The earth is 71% water, yet only 3% of this figure is fresh, drinkable water.

As the number of people on the planet continues to grow exponentially, it’s so important that we conserve water where possible.

The industrial sector is an enormous consumer of fresh water, often irresponsibly. This is to the detriment of people, as well as the natural eco-system.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that we conserve water when cleaning industrial spaces.

Here’s why.

It’s Better for the Environment

The more water we conserve in an industrial setting, the more fresh water available to protect against droughts and water shortages.

Drought causes havoc on the eco-system, as well as the farming industry. Millions of animals can die in a drought, trees and plants perish and land becomes barren.

By becoming better at conserving water, we can all help to avoid this type of disaster.

It Saves You Money

By saving water, you’re saving money for your business.

This means you can invest those finances into more pressing parts of your organisation, such as supplies, equipment and staff.

It Improves Your Business’ Reputation

When your business commits to saving water, it looks better.

Customers and clients like to work with organisations which are committed to sustainability, and eco-friendly practices.

Therefore, a water saving program can help generate new business, and raise your standing in the community.


So how do we best commit to saving water through industrial cleaning?

The answer is to hire a professional sweep and scrub contractor, such as Sydney Sweep and Scrub. We’re well practiced in saving water throughout the cleaning process.

For example, our sweep and scrub machines use up to 70% less water when operating, due to cutting-edge technology.

We only wash where necessary, and reuse as much clean water as possible. To make a commitment to water saving, hire Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Get in touch to discuss a sweep and scrub here.

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