Eco-friendly Car Parks – The Way Forward

Eco-friendly Car Parks – The Way Forward

A car park is a busy place, and can generate all kinds of pollution and noise.

Unfortunately, this often means your car park is negatively impacting the environment, as well as the people who work and live in close proximity.

Thankfully, car park operators are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their business may be having on the environment and the public.

A number are even making conscious changes to the way they operate, to negate their impact on the environment, across Sydney and the rest of Australia.

To aid you in making your car park more eco-friendly, we’ve provided some helpful tips.

Reduce Noise

A busy car park is a hotspot for noise pollution.

It goes without saying that vehicles are loud, especially in confined spaces. The fact that most car parks are made of solid concrete means that sound is amplified and carries further.

Put simply, it’s not easy to reduce noise pollution in a car park.

Constant exposure to loud noise can cause long term damage to people’s hearing. It often brings about conditions such as tinnitus and partial loss of hearing in one or both ears.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reduce noise.

Contracting an acoustic specialist to assess your car park and advise on ways to minimise noise is a good start.

Methods to reduce the noise can include spraying acoustic foam on the ceiling, installing doors to contain noise or altering the structure of your ducting system.

Changing the layout of your car park is the most effective way to deal with excessive noise, but this is almost always very expensive.

Regular Cleaning

Maintaining a clean car park reduces the impact of your business on the environment.

Dust, refuse and all manner of spills can coat the surface of a car park. When it rains, this is all washed into the storm water system and on into our waterways and the ocean.

These particles, brought into the car park by vehicles, are also harmful to the people who use your car park.

By having your car park regularly cleaned by a sweep and scrub contractor, you’ll be making sure it’s eco-friendly and a healthy environment for all those who use it.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub will clean your space responsibly and professionally, removing all dust, refuse and mould from your surface.

Make the Most of Lighting

When it comes to light, natural is best.

By reducing the amount of artificial light you use, you’ll save on energy bills and curtail your carbon footprint. Natural light is also conducive to a more welcoming space.

If you’re physically unable to add more natural light, utilise energy saving LED lighting.

Manage Fumes

The fumes generated by multiple vehicles in your car park can be harmful to customers and staff, as well as those in close proximity to the building.

You should minimise the effect of these fumes as much as possible by ensuring your air conditioning system is maintained and cleaned regularly.

Making the most of any natural airflow that your car park has is also strongly encouraged.

Maintain Drainage

Your drainage system should be modern, and regularly maintained.

This system is responsible for managing the flow of rainwater and other surface run off, which may contain pollutants such as oil, hydraulic fluids and other chemicals.

This contaminated run off cannot be allowed to enter the storm water system, as it has a serious effect on the environment.

By installing oil separators in your drains and disposing of the chemicals responsibly, you can prevent these pollutants from damaging the eco-system.

Ensure you have your car park swept and scrubbed regularly, to remove pollutants from the floor surface before they have the chance enter your drains.

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