Cost-Effective Cleaning – Sydney Sweep and Scrub

Cost-Effective Cleaning – Sydney Sweep and Scrub

Industrial cleaning on a large scale can be expensive.

Warehouses, car parks, construction sites and public spaces are all examples of large concrete spaces, which require cleaning at regular intervals.

Unfortunately, if you don’t hire the right company for the job, it can be very expensive.

Some cleaning companies charge extortionate prices. Others use inefficient practices and equipment which ends up costing you more.

As well as that, some operators’ negligent use of energy, water and harmful chemicals can be costly and simply, unnecessary.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we always operate with professionalism and efficiency, to ensure that you’re getting maximum value for money.

For example, our cutting-edge LPG machines are operated by professionals, who know exactly how to get the most efficient clean possible.

Our ride-on vehicles are the latest in sweep and scrub technology. We cover ground quickly and do not waste water or chemicals unnecessarily, a common issue with older machines.

As well as that, we offer comprehensive and economical pressure cleaning, for those particularly tough stains.

We can do all of this, in any every kind of concrete space.


Warehouses can be difficult to clean, and are very susceptible to an accumulation of dust and other common contaminants.

However, it’s important to maintain a bright and hygienic warehouse for the safety of your workers and presentation of your business.

With our cutting-edge ride-on cleaners and practiced methods, we ensure a great clean at a very affordable price.

Car Parks

Car parks gather all sorts of dust and dirt, due to the constant traffic, and keeping your car park clean can be expensive if you don’t hire the right contractor.

We understand exactly how to sweep and scrub your car park comprehensively, and can draw on a wealth of experience in car park sweeping and scrubbing.

Whether you’re preparing for line marking, need to clean up spills or just require a routine clean, Sydney Sweep and Scrub are here to help, and save you money.

Construction Sites

It’s important to have the surfaces of your construction site cleaned regularly, to meet health and safety requirements.

Due to the large amount of waste present on most building sites, cleaning can be a headache, and a costly enterprise.

However, we can expertly sweep and scrub your concrete surfaces, ensuring you meet OH&S requirements, and provide a clean workspace for your staff.

Public Spaces

If you’re preparing for an event or just need a routine clean, Sydney Sweep and Scrub are the perfect solution.

We’ll remove any unsightly stains and grime from your concrete space, making sure it’s safe and ready for your event or people.

Use our cost calculator for an estimate quote for your space here.

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