Managing Your Car Park

Managing Your Car Park

A guide for routine car park maintenance.

Your car park needs to be functional, clean and safe at all times.

Therefore, routine maintenance is simply a must.

Customers will always choose a bright, pristine car park over a dark, dingy one. Don’t cost your business by failing to maintain your premises.

Here’s a guide for routine maintenance for your car park.

Signs and Lines

The signage inside and outside your car park should always be easily readable.

Clean your signage regularly and where necessary, replace old signs with new to keep up appearances.

It also makes it much easier for your customers to navigate the car park, and shows that you are a reputable organisation.

Moreover, maintain speed signs to promote a safer car park and reduce the chance of accidents.

Fading lines are another common issue. Have them routinely painted to avoid hassle for your customers and keep up your reputation as a professional organisation.


Ensure your surfaces are intact and that any damage is spotted and repaired immediately.

To maintain a pristine surface, contract a sweep and scrub company to routinely clean your floors efficiently and affordably.


Flooding can put your car park out of action for an extended period and cause a lot of damage.

Avoid this hazard by having drainage consistently checked and cleaned by a professional.


Poor lighting makes for an unappealing and unsafe car park.

A lack of lighting can not only reflect badly on your business, but can attract criminal activity, such as theft and vandalism.

Ensure bulbs are routinely replaced and fittings dusted to maximise the amount of light in your car park.

Fire Safety

Fire safety in any space is extremely important.

Stay on top of your fire safety maintenance by having fire hydrants and hoses, fire doors and extinguishers regularly checked for performance.

Gates and Doors

Regularly test your gates, booms and doors to make sure they’re working properly.

Unfortunately, accidents due to faulty gates and booms do happen. Avoid this risk by having a qualified tester routinely check your facilities.


Functionality and safety for foot traffic is important.

Your access ways and stairwells should be clean and clear, and regularly checked for obstructions.

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