Sweep and Scrub Your Construction Site

Sweep and Scrub Your Construction Site

Construction sites produce all sorts of waste, right from the beginning of the building process all the way up to completion.

Your site has to be in prime condition during construction, as well as at the point of handover. For this reason, hiring a sweep and scrub company is the best move.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub can comprehensively clean all your concrete surfaces to perfection, utilising our wealth of experience and our state of the art cleaning equipment.

Your business will greatly benefit from a utilising a professional sweep and scrub contractor.

Here’s why.


A clean, well-ordered construction site reflects well on your company.

For example, when your client and other potential customers see a well-kept building site, you’ll be making a good impression.

A professional sweep and scrub company can maintain your space at all stages of the construction process, keeping it sparkling clean.

Furthermore, our rubbish removal service can handle all of the construction waste that you produce.

We ensure that your space looks great at all times, presenting the professional building site that best reflects on your professional organisation.

Health and Safety

An unclean construction site is simply not a safe one.

Dust and debris are hazardous; dust can cause a number of respiratory problems, while loose rubbish means increased risk of slip and fall injuries.

You should ensure your construction site is as safe as possible for all personnel that visit the site, whether they are your own staff, inspectors or the general public.

By having all concrete surfaces swept and scrubbed during the build, you’re making sure the site is as safe as possible for all.

Environmentally Friendly

Construction sites can produce large amounts of harmful waste and as a result, often have a negative impact on the environment.

For instance, dust, chemicals and plastic and metal waste can all end up in our waterways through storm water.

By having all your concrete surfaces swept and scrubbed by a professional contractor, you’re ensure that these contaminants end up being disposed of responsibly.

We also pressure wash tough stains and spills, and sandbag drains to ensure that chemicals do not enter the waterways.

This is just another example of our commitment to sustainability.


Cleaning your construction site yourself can be extremely time consuming.

Depending on the size of the building site, it can be a huge undertaking, and something that your workers are likely not familiar with.

We save you time by performing a comprehensive clean of all concrete surfaces, and removing the rubbish which will have inevitably accumulated on site.

Our efficient, professional approach will save your business plenty of time, which you can utilise on other, more important works.

To discuss your sweep and scrub needs, get in touch here.

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