Cleaning Concrete: Domestic vs Commercial

Cleaning Concrete: Domestic vs Commercial

Polished concrete is becoming more and more common in Sydney homes.

This is due to a combination of cost-effectiveness, industrial style trends and functionality.

However, the cleaning practices of domestic concrete surfaces are far different to those required to clean commercial concrete surfaces.

These commercial concrete surfaces include warehouses, factories, car parks, stadiums and public recreational spaces.

The differences between these two types of concrete essentially revolve around the expected wear and tear.

For instance, domestic concrete surfaces are designed to carry far less foot traffic than commercial concrete floors.

On the other hand, heavy duty commercial and concrete floors are made for large amounts of human and vehicle traffic.

As well as that, these concrete surfaces are also designed to support the weight of large machinery, shelving and other equipment.

These differences also mean that the cleaning process for each type of concrete differs.

Cleaning Domestic Concrete Surfaces

Cleaning a domestic concrete surface won’t actually differ that much from cleaning other smooth floor finishes commonly found in houses.

For instance, the process involves vacuuming, a sweep and perhaps a mop or damp sweep.

As well as that, you’ll need to get your concrete surface polished and waxed. Maintenance involves re-waxing every one to two years, depending on whether it’s a solid or liquid wax.

Cleaning Commercial Concrete Surfaces

However, cleaning commercial concrete surfaces is a completely different matter.

These surfaces, such as warehouses and car parks, are exposed to all sorts of liquids and dust particles every single day, and can be tough to clean thoroughly.

Therefore, a professional sweep and scrub contractor must be hired to effectively clean these surfaces.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub use a combination of cutting edge ride on mechanical washers and handheld equipment to get the best clean possible.

We operate sustainably and our equipment, experience and expertise combine to put us ahead of the rest of the competition.

To discuss your sweep and scrub needs, get in touch with us here.

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