Automated Cleaning: The Pros and Cons

Automated Cleaning: The Pros and Cons

Not so long ago, the idea of robots cleaning our warehouses may have seemed preposterous. Now however, the prevalence of automated cleaning is growing.

Organisations like Amazon are leading the way, utilising cleaning robots in their warehouses which are already staffed by… you guessed it, more robots.

In fact, Amazon uses over 100,000 robots throughout its warehouses across the world.

Many other companies are trialing automated cleaning to varying degrees of success. However, this sort of technology is certainly more fitting for some industries than others.

For instance, the pharmaceutical industry benefits greatly from automation. This is due to the stringent requirements for cleanliness in their warehouses and packing facilities.

Overall, there are certainly benefits to implementing this kind of technology. However, these pros come with a number of cons.


Save on Manpower

Having a robotic cleaner obviously means you won’t need to employee human cleaners to sweep and scrub the surface of your warehouse.

Therefore, you’ll save money on wages and other requirements associated with employing additional staff or contractors.

Cleaning at All Hours

An automated cleaning system will ensure that your warehouse surface is being cleaned around the clock. You won’t need to worry about shift length for human workers.


A Large Initial Outlay

The cost of purchasing and implementing automated cleaning technology is sizeable.

For instance, a top line automated cleaning device can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even though it’s a one-time cost, it’s a sizeable one and plenty of businesses will not be able to afford this amount.

Lack of Dynamic Thinking

A robot will not be able to approach an unusual spill or stain, and make a decision on how best to clean it up.

However, human sweep and scrub operators and cleaners can think dynamically, handling unexpected situations on the fly.

The same applies when operating in narrow or difficult spaces.

Need to Know the Equipment

If your company implements an automated cleaning system, a few staff members will need to learn how to optimise the equipment.

This will require in depth education, and a heavy investment of time.


The maintenance on a robotic cleaning device is expensive and fiddly. However, maintenance on a sweep and scrub machine is relatively simple.

It’s likely the original manufacturer will need to fix any issues you may have, and this will be a costly exercise.

As we can see, there are a number of pros and cons when it comes to implementing an automated cleaning system in your warehouse.

However, it will probably be better to utilise a professional sweep and scrub company, such as Sydney Sweep and Scrub. Though this can depend on the nature of your space.

We operate cutting-edge equipment, and the experience and expertise of our employees far outstrips the benefits of a robotic cleaner.

To discuss your sweep and scrub requirements, get in touch with us here.

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