Warehouse Flooring: Polished Concrete vs Epoxy Coatings

Warehouse Flooring: Polished Concrete vs Epoxy Coatings

The vast majority of warehouses in Australia have one of two flooring types – polished concrete or epoxy coated concrete.

Polished concrete involves polishing and waxing the original concrete slab. On the other hand, an epoxy floor involves applying a combined resin and hardening compound to the concrete surface.

Both flooring options come with their own positives and negatives.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is found in many warehouses and factories.

And there’s a reason for that – it has numerous benefits, namely that it’s more affordable than epoxy coated floors.

In fact, polished concrete is often up to 50% cheaper than epoxy coated concrete.

Furthermore, this type of flooring lasts longer than epoxy coated surfaces. Epoxy needs to be replaced or maintained far more regularly.

Polished concrete is also impervious to moisture damage, as well as mould. It’s a completely flat surface, and the polishing process hardens the concrete by up to 40%.

As well as that, maintaining polished concrete is a simple process; just contract a professional sweep and scrub company to regularly clean your concrete surfaces.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub are tried and tested on a variety of concrete surfaces. Our expertise and cutting-edge machines combine to give your area the best clean possible.

Last of all, polished concrete is a more sustainable option than an epoxy coating. This is because epoxy is not a bio-degradable material, and polished concrete forgoes the need for an extra layer.

Clearly, there are many positives to having a polished concrete surface in your warehouse.

Epoxy Coatings

Applying an epoxy floor coating involves more effort than polished concrete floors, and the process is more expensive.

As well as that, epoxy coatings can wear and peel off over time. That leaves the concrete underneath exposed to dust, stain and moisture.

Epoxy however, does improve the durability of the concrete surface.

Furthermore, it reflects more light than polished concrete floors. In fact, up to 300% of light bounces off an epoxy coating.

As well as this, epoxy is a slip resistant surface, and becomes even safer when slip resistant additives are added to the epoxy compound.

An epoxy coating can also cover up any existing damage or unsightly stains on your concrete surface.

Lastly, epoxy is completely water resistant. Therefore, it protects your concrete and makes it easy to clean up spills.

To discuss your warehouse sweep and scrub requirements, get in touch with us here.

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