Tips on More Efficient Industrial Cleaning Practices

Tips on More Efficient Industrial Cleaning Practices

Efficient industrial cleaning is a must for every business that operates out of a warehouse or a factory. At the best of times, cleaning can time-consuming, expensive, and not exactly environmentally friendly. However, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we always operate efficiently when cleaning industrial facilities.

In this article, we are going to discuss our best tips and tricks on efficient and effective industrial cleaning in Sydney. We always recommend hiring an expert industrial cleaner for your space. However, if you are determined to clean your warehouse or factory without external help, these tips will certainly make life easier.

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What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is the process of cleaning an industrial facility. This includes structures like warehouses, factories, distribution centers, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, refineries, and much more. Some of the time, industrial cleaning involves dealing with hazardous materials, chemicals, and waste.

The cleaning process depends on the facility itself. Generally, cleaning an industrial facility requires a number of steps. This often involves pressure washing, cleaning at height with scissor lifts, removal of spills and stains, mechanical cleaning with sweep and scrub machines, and occasionally rubbish removal.

Quality industrial cleaning is a must. If the job isn’t done properly, forget about it.

Why is industrial cleaning so important?

Industrial cleaning is essential for maintaining a presentable facility. However, most importantly, regular cleaning and maintenance make for a safer warehouse or factory. Your employees’ safety should always be the number one priority. Therefore, high-quality industrial cleaning on a regular basis is absolutely essential.

Our tips on more efficient industrial cleaning practices

Through years of experience, we know exactly how to deliver an efficient industrial cleaning service. These are a few of our top tips for every warehouse or factory.

Develop a detailed cleaning plan

A detailed cleaning planning is an absolute must. It should be your first step, and it needs to be thorough. Without a plan, your entire cleaning operation will likely be inefficient and of poor quality. A cleaning plan for your industrial facility should include elements like:

  • How often will you clean
  • Who cleans what area
  • Methods of cleaning.

When everyone is clear on their role, the process of cleaning and maintaining your warehouse or factory will become much more efficient. This saves time, money, and stress, and helps you to conserve resources. After all, sustainable cleaning is a must.

Invest in quality cleaning equipment

The right equipment is essential for efficient industrial cleaning. Therefore, you do need to invest in heavy-duty cleaning machinery… which can be very expensive. However, automated sweep and scrub machines, pressure washers, and more can make cleaning your warehouse or factory a breeze. If you don’t want to invest this money, it’s much better to hire a professional industrial cleaning company.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re already equipped with high-quality cleaning equipment, including sweep and scrub machines. We use all of our equipment, coupled with our experience, to get the very best results possible. In the end, it is often much easier to hire a cleaner, rather than purchase equipment and spend time and money training staff.

Think about flexible, or lean cleaning practices

A lean approach to cleaning means remaining flexible throughout the planning and execution. For example, cleaning areas as needed, instead of every space on a fixed schedule, can save time and money. There’s no need to clean a space that is still clean from your previous schedule. That simply becomes wasteful in terms of cleaning products and resources like water and electricity. On top of that, consider smart cleaning systems like sensors and automated vacuum systems (if it’s in the budget).

Regular, in-depth training for your cleaning team

A well-trained cleaning team is essential for efficiency and quality results. You should ensure that your cleaning team is receiving training from professionals and that this occurs on a regular basis.  The more well-versed your team is in industrial cleaning practices, the more efficient your processes will be. Teamwork is also essential to a swift, in-depth cleaning process, so it should also be a key focus of all training.

Maintenance and inspections on a regular basis

Inspections are a must in every industrial facility. Whether it’s management or a member of the health and safety team, it’s important to inspect areas before and after cleaning. This will ensure that no spaces or problem areas are missed and that the space is sparkling clean. Inspections are an essential part of industrial and commercial cleaning, and at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we always integrate thorough post-clean policies.

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