Tips for Marking Lines in Your Car Park

Tips for Marking Lines in Your Car Park

When it comes to marking the lines in your car park, it must be done properly.

Poorly marked lines can have a negative effect on the appearance of your car park, as well as the efficiency of your business.

The bottom line is that mediocre line marking can cost your business money.

Therefore, we’ve provided some tips for the process of marking the lines in your car park.

Plan Ahead

You have to know exactly what needs to go where.

Therefore, plan for not just parking spaces, but bin areas, motorbike parking and bicycle parking. Being fully prepared avoids any problems when it comes to applying the lines.

Know Your Colours

Different colours are required for different markings.

For instance, car lanes and parking spaces should be marked in white. Yellow, blue and red can be used for special areas, such as handicapped parking, as well as warnings.

Know your markings, so that you don’t give customers the wrong message.

Maximise Your Space

Make the most of your space with efficient, accurate lines.

Inefficient lines will cost your business in the long run. Poor line marking can mean less parking spaces, and therefore less income for your business.

Hire the Professionals

Sydney Sweep and Scrub operate with the utmost care and dedication.

We’re experienced in cleaning concrete surfaces, as well as marking lines. This includes in car parks, warehouses and public spaces.

Safe yourself time and effort, and let the professionals handle it.

To discuss your line marking needs, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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