Line Marking in Public Spaces

Line Marking in Public Spaces

Sydney Sweep and Scrub are not just a cleaning company. We offer line marking too, and that includes marking lines for public spaces.

Public spaces are an integral part of any community, whether that be a park, a sporting precinct or just an open space.

They all need to be maintained and cared for, and that includes providing pristine lines.

Car Spaces

Most public spaces will have a car park.

Therefore, to maximise the efficiency of this area and the safety of all who use it, have your car park lines marked up by a professional contractor.


Functional footpaths are so important, for all types of users.

Marking dividing lines on paths is crucial for safety, especially on paths shared by cyclists and pedestrians. A clear divider will prevent accidents.

Plus, a path with well-marked lines simply looks better.

Special Spaces

There may be a variety of special spaces in your public area.

These areas may be for special activities such as cooking or particular sporting activities. Alternatively, it may be a bin area, or no-go zone for cars.

Whatever lines may be required, Sydney Sweep and Scrub can mark them.

Road Lines

Often, public spaces such as parks will have roads. These too need to be marked, for both safety and aesthetics.

A road with no lines, however little traffic it may see, is dangerous. Furthermore, it looks tired and poorly maintained.

To discuss your line marking needs, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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