This is Why Industrial Cleaning Must Be Sustainable

This is Why Industrial Cleaning Must Be Sustainable

Industrial cleaning is a necessity for a wide array of businesses across Sydney. Usually, the types of businesses that require industrial cleaning are warehouses and factories, parking complexes, and hazardous areas. 

In the past, this kind of cleaning has been associated with the use of harsh chemicals and compounds, which were required to do the job. However, these days, technology allows us to be much more sustainable in industrial cleaning services, through biodegradable chemicals and cutting-edge cleaning equipment.

This is why industrial cleaning must be sustainable at every single turn.

What does sustainable mean?

The word sustainable first appeared by European foresters, about 200 years ago. They realised that they were removing wooded land faster than it could regenerate. Aware of the consequences this may have in the future, the foresters developed ‘sustainable’ forestry. This process involved planting enough trees to ensure that the regrowth would replace the trees that were removed for timber. 

In essence, sustainability means using fewer resources, and in cleaning this refers to water, energy, and whatever cleaning compounds may be in use. It can also refer to the use of biodegradable and green cleaning chemicals so that the impact these compounds have on the environment is negligible at worst.

It’s better for businesses

Did you know that sustainable cleaning practices are actually better for business? This works in a number of ways, and research has shown time and time again that organisations that adopt sustainable practices benefit greatly, including financially.

However, these benefits can come in a number of different forms, including:

  • Happier staff
  • Better turnover
  • Better business image
  • Trickle-down effects.

All of these benefits are desirable for industrial businesses; whether you manage a warehouse, a carpark or a manufacturing plant, happier staff and better turnover are always ideal.

It’s clearly better for the environment

Green, or sustainable industrial cleaning, is obviously better for the environment. Minimising the use of resources and utilising biodegradable cleaning products ensures that your impact on the environment is virtually non-existent.

Going forward, every industrial business should ensure that their cleaning operations are eco-friendly. We all have a responsibility to care for the environment, now more than ever… and sustainable industrial cleaning is a must.

Do this by working with a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning company such as Sydney Sweep and Scrub. We’ll also prioritise sustainability and take the necessary steps to ensure an eco-friendly cleaning operation at every turn.

Greener waste management

Industrial cleaning should also encompass green waste management. Warehouses and factories inevitably produce a lot of waste and therefore, this should be dealt with sustainably. The kinds of rubbish that an industrial business may produce include:

  • Plastic waste
  • Wood from pallets
  • Food waste
  • Specialised industrial waste (depending on the business)
  • Paper and cardboard.

It’s important you work with a Sydney rubbish removal company that prioritises green waste management. When this is the case, your warehouse rubbish will not be simply thrown into landfills, where it will sit for years. In fact, a responsible contractor will recycle all waste possible, so that materials like paper and cardboard return to the manufacturing stream.

The time is now

There’s no better time than now to commit to a sustainable industrial cleaning program. And there is a wide range of steps and actions you can take to ensure that your warehouse or factory is receiving a quality, eco-friendly cleaning service every time.

How to be more sustainable with industrial cleaning?

There are a few ways to be more sustainable with your cleaning operation.

Hire the professionals

A professional warehouse cleaning or carpark cleaning company in Sydney will know the ins and outs of sustainable cleaning. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in sustainable industrial cleaning. 

When you hire us, you’re hiring that expertise. You can sit back and relax while we clean your floors, work areas, common areas, and ceilings. We’ll use our cutting-edge cleaning equipment to deliver the best industrial cleaning possible while ensuring an eco-friendly approach at all times.

Educate staff

Cleaning takes place all day, every day. Your employees are probably told to keep their workspaces clean for health and safety reasons, as well as to ensure efficiency throughout the day. This kind of spot cleaning can also be done sustainably.

Your employees should always be disposing of any waste by recycling, including paper and cardboard products. They should also refrain from using harsh chemicals at their workspace, so it’s essential you supply biodegradable and green cleaning compounds.

Last of all, educate your employees on why sustainability matters, and the direct impact they could be having on the environment… good or bad. In the end, you’ll see an improvement and a more eco-friendly workspace.

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