This is How to Make Your Sydney Carpark Safer

This is How to Make Your Sydney Carpark Safer

Every building manager in Sydney has a duty to maintain a safe environment in their complex. This includes the carpark… which can be full of hazards if not properly handled. After all, vehicles and pedestrians moving about in restricted spaces is not an ‘ideal’ combination. So, how exactly does a facilities manager make a Sydney carpark safer?

They work with the experts!

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we don’t just offer exceptional carpark sweeping and scrubbing services. We also provide a range of additional services designed to create a functional space, and more importantly, a safe environment. In this article, we’ll delve into how we can make your Sydney carpark a safer space for all.

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What are the most common hazards in a parking garage?

Open parking lots and multi-level carparks are all subject to certain risks and hazards. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we help managers identify risks and hazards, and take the steps to eliminate them. Some of the most common carpark hazards we see include:

Poor signage

Signs that are difficult to read, or non-existent, can cause all sorts of problems for drivers and pedestrians. A lack of clean or adequate signage can lead vehicles to drive the wrong way and use the wrong access points, which then puts pedestrians and other drivers at risk. A collision is an ever-present danger in a parking garage and must be avoided at all costs.

Faded or poorly painted lines

Similar to poor signage, lines that are unclear can present another serious problem. Drivers require clearly visible lines to navigate your space safely. What’s more, parking properly is far easier when the lines for your parking bays are clearly marked. And clear markings are a must for pedestrian crossings and walkways.

Lack of pedestrian protection

Bollards and barriers are incredibly important in certain areas of your parking lot. These will protect pedestrians in the eventuality that a vehicle loses control and mounts a curb, or leaves the designated thoroughfare. A lack of bollards and barriers means an increased risk of collision and must be dealt with immediately.

Unclean surfaces

Spills and stains, such as oil leaks and grease spots, can be hazardous for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Moreover, these kinds of chemicals can become a slip-and-fall hazard. On top of that, a vehicle might lose traction if it moves through a puddle of grease or oil. This is where expert sweeping and scrubbing is a must.

How can we make a Sydney carpark safer?

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, there are a number of services that we offer that will make your carpark a safer space for every customer, client, employee, and tenant.

Planning and installing bollards

We can plan the right layout and install bollards in your complex. Bollards ensure that pedestrians are protected from vehicles at all times. They are an important safety feature of every parking complex and must be installed by an expert company. We always deliver quality outcomes for our clients.

Expert carpark setout

Setting out a carpark before any lines are marked is an important process. This allows us to ensure you are using your space as efficiently as possible. More importantly, a well-planned and executed carpark setout will create a safer space for everyone using your facility. This is an incredibly important consideration for every carpark manager or facilities manager.

Linemarking for carparks

We also offer expert line marking services in Sydney. This includes marking out parking spaces, lines for lanes and thoroughfares, pedestrian walkways, and much more. Quality lines mean better visibility, a more efficient parking complex, and a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians in your space.

Regular sweeping and scrubbing

Sweeping and scrubbing is our bread and butter! We’re equipped with cutting-edge technology that makes cleaning carparks a breeze. We’ll remove all the dust and grime from your floors, ensuring that the chance of a slip and fall injury is eliminated. We can do it swiftly, safely and affordably.

Installing and cleaning signage

Clean, visible signs are essential. Our expert team can ensure that your existing signs are as clean as can be, ready to direct and alert drivers and pedestrians. We can also facilitate new signs for your carpark to improve experience and increase safety.

Marking loading zones

Loading zones can be hazardous, as vans and trucks are large obstructions for other vehicles. What’s more, workers need space to load and unload goods. Clearly marked loading zones are critical, and we paint lines better than the rest. We’ll ensure that these areas are clear so that pedestrians and drivers know where to be alert.

Get in touch for expert Sydney carpark safety services

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re here to make your carpark a safer space. If you want to increase safety in your parking complex, get in touch with us today.

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