This is How to Ensure Your Office Common Areas are Ready for Post-COVID Operations

This is How to Ensure Your Office Common Areas are Ready for Post-COVID Operations

The common areas in your Sydney office are an essential part of your business.

It’s areas like breakout spaces and kitchens that help to keep your staff happy and relaxed by providing a place to eat, de-stress and socialise.

Moreover, bathrooms and other essential common areas must be safe, well-maintained and functional for your workers.

This is even more important after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, so that your employees experience a truly safe and healthy workplace.

Here’s how to ensure your office common areas are ready for business post-COVID.

A Deep Clean

Every office should have a deep clean done before employees return to work.

This involves an extremely detailed commercial cleaning service, including thorough cleaning of floor finishes, drapes, blinds and appliances.

It will also include disinfecting workstations, computers and other electronics.

Therefore, a deep clean will go a long way to ensure your office is free from any germs or bacteria before your staff return.

Regular Commercial Cleaning

Once your staff return to the office, you have a duty to provide and maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

Therefore, the best way to do this is by hiring a professional Sydney commercial cleaning company to maintain your common areas.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we have plenty of experience and expertise in cleaning common areas.

We’ll leave them sparkling, sure to impress your staff and provide a safe and healthy space for them to relax in.

Educate Your Staff

It’s essential you educate your staff on the benefits of maintaining a clean space.

When they understand how important it is to wipe down surfaces and keep areas like the kitchen clean, it’ll go a long way toward eliminating germs.

Battling the COVID virus needs to be a team effort. Therefore, educating your staff on the benefits of small actions will go a long way toward keeping your workplace safe.

Change Your Design

The design of breakout areas is something that will probably change in the near future.

Social distancing must be taking into consideration. Therefore, ensuring benches and tables are appropriately distanced in your breakout areas is a must.

The best way to approach your post-COVID office design is to work with a professional Sydney office fit-out company.

That will ensure the best result for your organisation, and your staff.

To discuss how to ensure the common areas in your Sydney office are ready for post-COVID, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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