The Dangers of Dust in Your Car Park

The Dangers of Dust in Your Car Park

Whilst dust is quite common in an underground or high-rise car park, its potential impact cannot be underestimated.

In car parks, warehouses, factories and on building sites, dust has a very harmful effect on people, especially in confined spaces.

Furthermore, it can affect vehicles too, ultimately costing you or your customers money on repairs and cleaning.

It’s imperative that measures are taken to clean your car park regularly, as well as limit the amount of dust that finds its way into your warehouse.

Here are some examples of the impact of dust in your car park.

Health Impact

The health of your customers and employees is extremely important, and dust and soot can be harmful to their wellbeing.

These particles can exacerbate the symptoms of conditions like asthma, and even cause breathing difficulties in individuals with no previous respiratory problems.

In more serious cases, harmful dust entering the airways for a prolonged period can cause scarring of the respiratory system, or chronic pulmonary disease.

These particles can also cause irritation and damage to the eyes and skin.

Therefore, it’s best to combat dust by employing a sweep and scrub company, to thoroughly clean your car park.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub are specialists in removing harmful dust, and always operate sustainably.

Impact on Cars

It isn’t only people who are affected by dust.

Miniscule dust particles can get into vehicles and other equipment which might be present in your car park. This dust can ultimately affect performance, and damage parts.

Dust and soot can clog air filters, affect lubrication in motors and reduce engine integrity. It can also reduce traction for cars, increasing the chance of an accident.

This can inevitably cost your customers and business a lot of money, if your customers have to repeatedly clean their vehicles, or have an accident in your car park.

Save your company time and money by fighting the dust, with a professional sweep and scrub contractor.

Impact on Reputation

If your car park is constantly dirty, with surfaces coated with dust, the reputation of your business will ultimately suffer.

Customers will be turned off by a dirty car park. If they even use it, you can be sure that they won’t be back any time soon.

To maintain a good reputation and a professional image, clean your surfaces regularly.

To discuss cleaning your car park, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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