Sydney Warehouse Cleaning: Keeping Your Warehouse Safe and Operational During COVID-19

Sydney Warehouse Cleaning: Keeping Your Warehouse Safe and Operational During COVID-19

It’s essential that warehouse managers find balance in the current climate.

Your priority must of course be the health and safety of employees, customers and anyone else who enters the space.

However, if your warehouse based business is able to remain running, this is a fantastic (and obviously the desired) result.

Therefore, here are some essential ways to maintain a healthy environment and combat any chance of COVID-19 assaulting your workplace.

Regular Professional Cleaning

One of the most important weapons in the fight against COVID-19 in workplaces is regular, thorough cleaning.

The germs that spread COVID-19 can actually live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so (at least) daily cleaning is a must in any warehouse.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re highly experienced in commercial cleaning, carpark cleaning and warehouse cleaning.

We’ll disinfect any risky surfaces, thoroughly clean common areas like kitchens, breakout spaces and bathrooms, and sweep and scrub concrete surfaces.

An extremely thoroughly clean like this will be sure to eliminate as much germs and bacteria as possible, helping to protect your staff.

Carefully Monitor Ins and Outs

It’s imperative that you carefully monitor goods and people coming in and out of your warehouse throughout operational hours.

For instance, ensure people are utilising hand sanitiser when they enter the warehouse, or washing hands thoroughly.

Furthermore, have arriving goods wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes, to kill and remove any potentially harmful pollutants.

Maintain Open Dialogue with Staff

Communication is another essential element that must be used effectively to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your staff simply must understand the risk that the virus presents. Moreover, you need to provide them with a clear set of rules and a code of conduct for working hours.

This should include distancing, safe practices like handwashing and sanitising, as well as monitoring their own health.

Stress the importance of testing immediately if any symptoms appear.

This will help to ensure that the virus will not spread, as well as keeping your warehouse open and operational.

To discuss Sydney warehouse cleaning for your premises, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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