Sydney Carpark Cleaning: The Cost of Graffiti in Your Carpark

Sydney Carpark Cleaning: The Cost of Graffiti in Your Carpark

Graffiti is commonplace in carparks all over Sydney, both public and private.

In fact, across the entire country it costs us $1.5 billion every single year in cleaning and maintenance costs.

The frequency of graffiti in carparks is often due to the closed off nature of the facilities, which offers cover for vandals, as well as the fact they’re mostly concrete structures.

Whether it’s large, colourful pieces or small ‘tags’, it’s essential that you deal with this graffiti quickly and remove it from your facility. We offer a comprehensive carpark cleaning service, including graffiti removal.

Here are a few ways graffiti could be impacting your business.

It’s Affecting Your Business

If you leave graffiti on the walls in your carpark, you can be sure that it is affecting your business.

For instance, customers will be far less likely to use your facility if it is vandalised and looks unappealing. They’ll be reluctant to leave their vehicle in such a place.

Moreover, less customers means less income for your carpark, which is obviously an unsustainable business model.

Therefore, ensure your carpark is as presentable as possible by swiftly removing any unwanted graffiti that might crop up.

The best way to handle this is to hire a professional Sydney cleaning company. At Sweep and Scrub, we specialise in carpark cleaning, including graffiti removal.

Our methods are tried and tested, and we have a range of equipment to ensure that your carpark is left sparkling and graffiti-free.

It Can Attract Further Crime

Leaving graffiti to just sit there can actually attract more crime to your carpark.

For example, further graffiti is much more likely if your carpark is already covered in some kind of graffiti and vandalism.

As well as that, other forms of vandalism and theft will increase in frequency when your carpark presents as dirty, uncared for and potentially abandoned.

Therefore, to eliminate the risk of further vandalism and crime, have a Sydney carpark cleaning company remove your graffiti quickly and completely.

Beware Harmful Chemicals

The paint that graffiti vandals use in your carpark can be harmful to the health of anyone that uses the space, including staff and customers.

For instance, short term health effects often include irritation of the skin and eyes, burns, vomiting and respiratory irritation.

Moreover, there can be longer lasting health ramifications that only appear later on in life.

Therefore, for health and safety reasons, quick graffiti removal is absolutely essential.

When it comes to the actual graffiti removal process, hiring the professionals is highly recommended.

The chemicals used to remove graffiti can be harmful to those using them, if they’re not trained in the process.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our staff are highly trained and always operate safely. Therefore, hiring us for your graffiti removal is highly advisable.

To discuss graffiti removal for your Sydney carpark, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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