Sydney Warehouse Cleaning: A Fresh Start to 2023

Sydney Warehouse Cleaning: A Fresh Start to 2023

By now, your workers are probably back in the warehouse, gathering momentum for a big 2023. One way to ensure that you’re giving your people the best chance at a productive and safe year ahead, is a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning service by Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

This is why.

Why do warehouses and factories need industrial cleaning?

Warehouses and factories experience a build up of all kinds of contaminants. That includes dust, dirt, debris, chemicals, oil, grease and much more. While these elements are commonplace, they should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Doing so ensures that your space is well presented, safe, and conducive to efficiency.

We’re now at the beginning of 2023, and there’s no better way to kick off your year than with an expert Sydney warehouse cleaning service by Sydney Sweep and Scrub. We’re the best in the business, and we’re ready to show you why!

Mechanical sweep and scrub

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, it’s all in the name. Our weapon of choice is the Tennant ride-on sweep and scrub machine. These machines allow us to cover a large concrete area quickly, while delivering a truly astonishing clean. They use a combination of heavy-duty brushes and electrically-activated water to remove virtually any contaminant from your floors.

These machines are an extremely efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solution for warehouses and other industrial facilities all over Sydney. And at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our team of experts know exactly how to get the best out of a warehouse mechanical sweep and scrub service. 

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is an incredibly effective and dynamic cleaning method. This apparatus is a standard part of our cleaning practice, and we’re able to utilise pressure washers to deal with particularly tough stains in warehouses. In short, a comprehensive warehouse cleaning service in Sydney is nigh on impossible without proper pressure washing. 

There are generally two types of pressure washing applications: hot water pressure washing and cold water pressure washing. Both methods are very effective, but hot water is more appropriate when dealing with tough stains, contaminants, and spills. That might include chewing gum, paint spills or old grease and oil spills.

Health and safety is a must when using pressure washing equipment. The high-powered jets of water can be incredibly dangerous, causing deep lacerations and burns if they come in contact with the skin. Therefore, it’s not as easy as simply hiring or purchasing the equipment and pressure washing your warehouse yourself.

Expert operators are an absolute necessity. Our team of warehouse cleaning experts have the right experience and expertise, and know exactly how to get the best out of our pressure washing equipment. What’s more, we’re always equipped with the right protective equipment, minimising any chance of accident and injury.

Put simply, if you need warehouse pressure washing or thorough cleaning, Sydney Sweep and Scrub are here to help you get the job done.

Difficult-to-reach areas

It goes without saying that most warehouses have a number of nooks and crannies that can be tough to clean. On top of that, warehouse ceilings gather all kinds of dust… and at many metres high, are impossible to clean without the right equipment and expertise.

We can utilise scissor lifts to reach high ceilings, corners and rafters, delivering a comprehensive clean. It’s particularly important that you do clean these areas, because this is where much of the dust and airborne particles collect. You may enjoy a clean working area and floor space, but unless you address your ceiling and rafters, that dust will be back before you know it.

As we mentioned in the last section, pressure washers are perfect for small spaces. We can utilise jets of water to clean out drains, piping and any other difficult to reach parts of your warehouse or factory. And we all know that a clean warehouse is a much more productive and efficient facility. 


Sustainable warehouse cleaning Sydney is one of our prime concerns. In fact, we always prioritise sustainability through any cleaning application. For this reason, the only chemicals that we use are biodegradable degreasers, and that’s only when absolutely necessary. Moreover, we always sandbag drains to prevent any nasty elements entering the waterways.

Water and electricity are resources that should always be conserved. Therefore, we utilise power saving devices wherever possible, and our machinery requires only minimal water to operate effectively. Therefore, when you hire Sydney Sweep and Scrub, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a truly sustainable warehouse cleaning service.

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If you’re looking for industrial cleaning in Sydney, we’re here to help. Sydney Sweep and Scrub have years of experience in cleaning warehouses and factories around the city, and we can provide exceptional services to you and your facility. 
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