Sydney Commercial Cleaning: Five Reasons for Common Area Cleaning in Your Strata Complex

Sydney Commercial Cleaning: Five Reasons for Common Area Cleaning in Your Strata Complex

The common areas in your strata complex are so important for the wellbeing of your residents and tenants, as well as the functionality of your complex.

Moreover, these areas, which include foyers, hallways, elevators, shared balconies and other recreational spaces, must be kept clean.

Here are some of the reasons as to why regular commercial cleaning for your Sydney strata complex must happen regularly.

Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Did you know that the COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces for up to several days?

This makes it difficult to track, made even more so by its two-week incubation period. Your residents may not even know that they have it, or that they’re spreading it!

The only way to be quite sure that you’re combatting the spread of the virus is to clean your common areas regularly.

For instance, your foyers, recreational areas, shared balconies and carparks should all be cleaned on a daily basis.

Thorough cleaning will prevent the buildup of any potentially harmful COVID germs and kill any harmful bacteria.

Therefore, hire a Sydney commercial cleaning company for your strata complex, and do your part in the battle against COVID-19.

Health and Safety

Health and safety should always be the prime consideration for any strata complex manager. Regular cleaning is a big part of this.

A professional Sydney commercial cleaning company will help to negate the risk that germs, dust and bacteria pose to your residents.

Moreover, we’ll help to eliminate the chance of slip and fall injuries, by thoroughly cleaning stains and spills in your common areas.

If you’re serious about health and safety in your strata complex, regular commercial cleaning is a must.

Happier Residents

Your residents simply won’t be able to relax in unclean foyers, recreational areas or on shared balconies.

In fact, they won’t want to spend time in filthy common areas at all. That results in frustration at their residential complex and it simply isn’t good enough.

Ensure your residents are happy by regularly cleaning your common areas. They’re investing in these spaces, so they simply must be fit for use.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we absolutely understand the importance of keeping your tenants happy.

Improved Presentation

Sparkling common areas mean your complex will be much more likely to impress residents, investors and other potential tenants.

This is essential in any functional strata complex, as you’ll be more likely to attract new investors and maintain a good reputation in the community.

Therefore, a lack of cleaning can really hurt the viability strata complex. Avoid this by hiring a Sydney commercial cleaning company to clean your areas regularly.

Preserve Finishes and Fixtures

The finishes and fixtures in your strata common areas can degrade over time if they aren’t cleaned and maintained regularly.

For instance, your floors will inevitably see plenty of use. Whether your common area floors are carpet, tiles or another material, cleaning is a must.

If stains, dust and dirt and any other pollutants are permitted to build up, they can eat away at your floor finishes. The result of that is often premature repairs, which add financial strain to your complex.

Therefore, when you weigh up the cost of regular commercial cleaning and the potential cost of repairs in the future, the answer is a no-brainer.

To discuss Sydney commercial cleaning for your strata complex, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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