Sydney Carpark Cleaning: Prepare for Post-COVID-19

Sydney Carpark Cleaning: Prepare for Post-COVID-19

In the coming months, hundreds of thousands of office and retail workers will return to the Sydney CBD. And when they do, your commercial carpark simply must be ready.

Therefore, there’s no better time to have a comprehensive Sydney carpark cleaning service performed by Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

With few customers and plenty of time and space to operate now, it’s imperative your facility is in the perfect condition when the COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Here are a few of the benefits that Sydney Sweep and Scrub provide when we clean your Sydney carpark.

A Safe and Healthy Space

The most important aim of Sydney carpark cleaning is to create a safe and healthy space for your customers and your staff.

In the current pandemic, this involves a specific focus on eliminating any harmful germs and bacteria, such as those spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, our staff always pay special attention to ensuring that we remove all potentially harmful pollutants, stains and spills. This includes dust and dirt, which can present a serious threat to the respiratory system.

Moreover, this is the ideal time to complete a comprehensive carpark cleaning service for your Sydney carpark.

There are less people around, meaning we can spend more time on those tough to remove stains and spills that are present in most carparks.

Clean Fixtures and High Contact Spots

When we complete a thorough Sydney carpark cleaning project, we won’t only focus on the concrete surfaces.

At this time, it’s essential that all surfaces are cleaned, and those spots that people are coming into regular contact with are disinfected.

Therefore, we’ll thoroughly clean door handles, payment machines, ticket booths and bathrooms. That way, you can be sure that your customers and staff are protected from any harmful germs and bacteria.

Dazzle Your Staff and Customers

There’s nothing like impressing your customers with a gleaming carpark.

When your customers experience a carpark like this, they’ll be much more at ease leaving their vehicle in your facility.

Moreover, a positive experience means your customers will be much more likely to return, time and time again.

To discuss a Sydney carpark cleaning service for your facility, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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