Sweep and Scrub: Public Spaces

Sweep and Scrub: Public Spaces

Research has shown that clean and well maintained public spaces have a fantastic impact on the wellbeing of local residents.

There are myriad benefits to having a professional sweep and scrub company like Sydney Sweep and Scrub comprehensively clean your public space.

For instance, a clean public space has a positive effect on the environment, and the people who use the space, or simply pass through.

The following benefits will show you exactly how a regular sweep and scrub can work wonders for your public space.

Happy People

Research has shown that residents are happier when their public spaces are clean and well maintained.

Studies carried out in the US discovered a strong correlation between well-kept public spaces and an increase in the happiness and satisfaction of local residents.

Furthermore, instances of depression are shown to decrease slightly in disadvantaged areas, when public spaces are clean and greenery is added to them.

Better Presentation and Functionality

Your local area simply looks better when it’s cleaned regularly.

This is especially important if you’re hosting local events. The reputation of your locality will improve, and therefore attract more visitors.

In turn, this can foster economic growth.

Furthermore, a clean space is more functional. This means that people can properly utilise the space for relaxation, activities and sports.

People will naturally avoid an unclean space, much to the detriment of the local community.


A clean space is safer for the public using or passing through the area.

Spills, refuse and even dust can all present risks to the public. Slip and fall injuries can be easily avoided by having spills cleaned right away.

Furthermore, ensure rubbish is removed promptly to avoid the risk of people tripping over.

Dust contaminants are a big health risk, so avoid the chance of the public inhaling these harmful particles by regularly sweeping and scrubbing your public space.


Having your public space swept and scrubbed regularly is affordable.

Moreover, when you weigh up the cost/benefit analysis, it’s far better to have your area cleaned and enjoy the numerous benefits, rather than save a small amount of money.

Less Crime

A filthy public space, unclean and covered in graffiti, is more likely to attract crime.

For example, vandalism and drug related activities are far more common in dark, quiet and poorly maintained spaces.

Reduce this risk by having your concrete public space swept and scrubbed by a professional contractor like Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

A well-maintained area gives the impression of an area high volume of traffic, thereby deterring criminal activity.


A clean space is simply better for the environment.

For instance, a regular sweep and scrub will ensure that contaminants like rubbish, dust and liquid spills don’t end up in our storm water system.

Unfortunately, from there this pollution is distributed to waterways and ultimately, the ocean, where it can cause havoc on the ecosystem.

Furthermore, these pollutants affect local wildlife and green areas like parks. Avoid these problems by having a regular sweep and scrub.

As well as that, Sydney Sweep and Scrub practice sustainability in everything we do. That includes using eco-friendly chemicals, cleaning up responsibly and sandbagging drains.

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