Cutting Edge Car Parks: The Future

Cutting Edge Car Parks: The Future

The need for car parks in urban areas is increasing dramatically, as the number of vehicles on our roads grows.

However, instead of simply building more concrete monoliths to store our vehicles and consuming more space and resources in the process, we need to think dynamically.

Recently, we’ve seen the introduction of new technology in some car parks, such as electronic payments and real-time space availability.

Car parks are beginning to maintain more sustainable spaces too, another important aspect of modernisation.

Further to that, car park cleaning has become more efficient, with high tech car park sweep and scrub machines now available.

Therefore, it’s evident that technology holds the answer to the growing parking dilemma.

On that note, here are a few things that we’ll be seeing more of in cutting edge car parks.

Robotic and Automated Parking

In a number of modern cities such as New York, stacker car parking systems are increasingly common.

They save space, as well as the need for drivers to enter the car park and find a free parking spot. As a result, drivers are saving time and fuel, reducing CO2 emissions.

Robotic parking can involve parking your car at the entrance of the stack facility, for it to be lifted and moved into a slot by robotic arms, cranes or a lift machine.

By implementing more robotic parking, we end up with a more efficient parking system which utilises space far more productively.

Phone Applications

Some parking facilities already utilise applications for payments and parking extensions.

However, this is only the beginning… applications in the future will likely be able to guide us to empty car parks and give us real time availability.

Perhaps they’ll even be able to show us various ratings for car park facilities, including the most reliable and cleanest car parks.

Cycle Spaces

As the number of cyclists grows in Sydney, so will the percentage of space in city car parks for bicycle storage.

That may also include special facilities for cyclists and robotic parking for bikes, which can take a bike from the ground floor all the way up to the top.

This technology has many benefits, such as space and time saving, and aids us in our quest to go green, all around the world.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are increasingly common, and therefore car parks will need to grow to become more electric-friendly.

For example, it’s probably that in the near future the majority of spaces in inner city car parks will have charging ports for electric cars.

It also means that the car parks that do not provide this, probably won’t be sustainable businesses.

Driverless cars will also be prevalent going forward, so car parks will need to provide facilities for these, and will likely interact with driverless vehicles through smart technology.


We’re also likely to see car parks strive to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

For instance, many companies are already taking measures to reduce air and noise pollution from cars, and the waste which finds its way into storm water system from car parks.

Electric vehicles and bicycles are great in aiding sustainability in car parks.


Cutting edge car parks need cutting edge cleaning practices.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub are at the forefront of car park cleaning technology. With our state of the art machines and expert operators, we give the most comprehensive clean possible.

We ensure that we’re always up to date with modern practices, staying ahead of the competition to give your car park the best sweep and scrub at an affordable rate.

A regular car park sweep and scrub will work wonders for your business, so get in touch to discuss your needs here.

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