Professional Post-Event Cleaning Tips

Professional Post-Event Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a large space after an event can be tedious work, especially if your guests number is in the hundreds! The issue of cleaning is impacted further if food and drink are present, the size of the space, the surfaces (ie carpet, concrete, timber, etc) along with a number of other factors. 

Here are the best post-cleaning tips in Sydney. 

Plan ahead

Post-event cleaning is much easier with a solid plan. On the other hand, failing to put together any sort of cleaning strategy makes tidying up after your event much more difficult. It will mean more time spent, more effort in terms of actual cleaning, and more waste to remove. And it doesn’t even take long to put together a rough plan.

A good post-cleaning plan will include the following elements:

  • Number of bins and bin placement
  • Identification of at risk areas, such as food areas or carpeted rooms
  • Allocation of cleaning teams to certain areas
  • Inventory and allocation of cleaning equipment
  • Timed schedule (approximate).

Ensuring that these elements are in place will make life much easier post-event. They will ensure that the cleaning process is faster and much more efficient. Cleaning staff will also be equipped with the right tools for the job. Put simply, planning ahead is a must for post-event cleaning in Sydney.

Encourage guests to clean up after themselves

The simple act of placing a used bottle in the bin can save cleaning staff so much time later on. When your guests continue to place their waste in trash receptacles throughout the event, the entire cleaning operation after the event is much more efficient.

Take a large stadium for example. We often think of the aftermath of rugby or football games… trash strewn all over the place, throughout the seating and standing areas. Usually, there aren’t enough rubbish bins, and there isn’t adequate signage. Signage should encourage people to take their waste to bins where possible.

In the end, this sort of action means less time spent cleaning up after events and therefore, a more affordable service. 

Rubbish removal services

Sydney rubbish removal services are essential in many post-event cleaning operations. Some events result in large waste items, such as recyclables, old furniture and other difficult pieces of waste. Inevitably, they’ll be time-consuming to remove and potentially dangerous.

Rubbish removal in Sydney is something that must be handled by an experienced company, such as Sydney City Rubbish. Expert waste management specialists will remove large rubbish items quickly and ensure that they are dealt with sustainably. What’s more, they’ll do it with the utmost care, meaning minimal risk of injury.

It’s essential that you partner with a Sydney rubbish removal company for post-event cleaning services.

Ample waste receptacles

Your event space must have enough rubbish bins. And if you think you have enough, you probably don’t. Too many rubbish bins and recycling bins comes with very few downsides, especially since rental and purchase remains very affordable. Making sure there are always rubbish bins in close proximity to your guests means it’s much more likely that they will place their trash in the bin, and not on tables or on the ground.

Locate the best Sydney event cleaning services

You can’t get the best post-event cleaning in Sydney without hiring the best contractor. This is why, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re very proud to offer the best post-event cleaning in Sydney. Our highly experienced staff and top of the line cleaning machinery mean we get the job done right, every time.

We thrive when it comes to cleaning large concrete spaces, because we use cutting-edge sweep and scrub machines. These machines, along with their experienced drivers, provide a swift and thorough wash, removing all sorts of stains, spills and other nasties from your concrete floors. We offer high-end stadium cleaning along with our Sydney post-event cleaning.
Simply get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub today to find out more.

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