Pro Tips: Cleaning the Carpet in Your Sydney Office

Pro Tips: Cleaning the Carpet in Your Sydney Office

The carpet in your office common areas is no doubt subject to all sorts of regular use.

Due to the fact that they’re made of materials like nylon, polyester or wool, carpets will grab and collect all sorts of contaminants.

In a busy workplace, that’ll be all manner of dust and dirt from your employees’ shoes, spills and stains from food and drink and much more.

No one wants to work in an office with filthy carpets, and no clients want to see this either. That’s why regular office commercial cleaning is simply a must.

You must remain vigilant when it comes to keeping your workplace floors clean. That’s why we’ve put together this list of pro tips for maintaining the carpet in your office.

Vacuum Regularly

A regular vacuum will ensure that those pesky bits of dirt and dust aren’t permitted to simply sit in the piles of your carpet.

Those elements can eat away at the material, causing all sorts of long-lasting damage. That’s especially the case if they are continually trounced upon by your workers!

Grabbing these particles early with a high-quality vacuum will prevent that happening. A daily vacuum is best.

Professional Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is critical for office common areas, as nothing will remove spills and stains like a quality steam clean.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we utilise high-quality steam cleaning equipment to get the very best result for your carpets.

Coffee stains, fizzy drink stains, ink stains… you name it, we can use our steam cleaners to get rid of those stains.

Steam cleaning is also much more conducive to a hygienic workplace, as the combination of heat and chemicals will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

In the end, your staff will be much healthier and safer at work with regular steam cleaning from Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Be Vigilant

It’s important to deal with any issues as soon as they pop up.

That means dealing with all sorts of spills and stains quickly and efficiently. It also means being vigilant about office maintenance and repairs.

Tears and other issues with your carpets must be fixed quickly. Thankfully, our sister company Niche Projects is the best office repairs and maintenance company in town.

To discuss cleaning the carpet in your Sydney office common areas, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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