Maintaining Indoor Air Quality: The Role of Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality: The Role of Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing

The air quality in a working environment is one of the key considerations of workplace health and safety. Employees should be able to breathe safely while working, and be equipped with proper apparatus when performing tasks that produce airborne particles, like cutting, grinding, operating machinery, and more.

In an industrial setting, air quality can be poor. Warehouses and factories all over Sydney and the world struggle to maintain quality standards at times. This is due to the fact that there are so many different compounds and contaminants present in an industrial environment. Many of these particles become airborne and can impact the health of your people.

High-quality industrial cleaning is a must for every facility because it goes a long way toward maintaining good air quality by removing harmful particles before they become airborne. And every employee should be breathing clean, safe air at work. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our mechanical washing and cleaning services help to ensure that the air quality in your factory or warehouse is as good as can be.

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Indoor air quality in industrial facilities

Maintaining a safe and healthy facility is every manager’s responsibility. Air quality is a legitimate concern in many industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, and similar. This is because of the wide array of harmful airborne particles that can be present in a facility like this.

Material like cardboard fibre, wood fibre from pallets, miscellaneous dust, and any chemical compounds that are present will settle on your floors. Over time, these compounds can become airborne. They will spread around the facility and ultimately affect the air quality for the worst. It becomes harmful for your people to inhale this particulate matter, especially over an extended period of time.

Studies on indoor air quality in factories and warehouses have produced some worrying results. This particular study was conducted in a furniture warehouse, where a range of contaminants were present. The findings concluded that serious changes needed to be made to the environment to ensure the well-being of employees. 

Another comprehensive review of indoor air quality in buildings (not just industrial facilities) reported that over 1.5 million deaths occurred in the year 2000 as a result of indoor air pollution. A large portion of these deaths occurred as a direct result of poor air quality within industrial facilities like warehouses and factories.

The bottom line is that the quality of air in your industrial facility can be a serious problem if the right measures are not taken.

What contaminants can we remove from your facility?

Sweeping and scrubbing is an incredibly effective strategy for removing airborne particles that settle on your floors. While many compounds such as fumes from vehicles can only be eliminated by other actions (such as no longer leaving vehicles idling within your facility), cleaning can deal with plenty of harmful particles.

Dust and dirt

Dust can be made up of a huge range of particulate matter. In a warehouse or a factory, dust often consists of particles of wood fibres from pallets, cardboard fibres from boxes, dirt that is blown in from outside, and much more. This dust will inevitably settle on a range of surfaces, including your concrete floors.

In the long term, dust can be incredibly harmful to the respiratory system. This is especially true if it contains dangerous material like silica. However, we utilise effective sweeping and scrubbing to eliminate dust at the source, by thoroughly cleaning your concrete floors. This is a very effective strategy to delete dust and maintain good warehouse conditions for your staff.

Chemical spills

Spills do happen in warehouses and factories. The chemical itself can vary depending on the type of facility. However, at the end of the day, this chemical will produce fumes or airborne particles that affect indoor air quality and can be dangerous. This is exactly why spills and stains need to be cleaned immediately, preferably with efficient sweep and scrub machines.

Mould and moisture

Moisture and mould spores can be incredibly harmful to the respiratory system, particularly if they are permitted to grow and spread. Regular sweeping and scrubbing will prevent moisture from building up on your concrete floors, as well as in miniscule cracks. This prevents mould build up and also maintains the health of your concrete floor surfaces.

Soot from fumes

Machinery and vehicles that operate on fuel will produce all kinds of fumes. Ideally, your facility will be fitted with proper ventilation systems and filters where possible. However, a large portion of these fumes will simply settle on surfaces as soot. When this becomes airborne again, which it will, soot can be harmful to your people.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re the experts in industrial sweeping and scrubbing in Sydney. We know how to get the best results every time, and we only use the best equipment. We’ll remove the soot from your floor surfaces with our sweep and scrub machines. We can also address a range of other areas with effective pressure washing, and more.

What facilities can benefit from sweeping and scrubbing?

We work with a range of warehouses and factories across Sydney to deliver exceptional industrial cleaning. We also clean carparks, event spaces, community areas and common areas in strata complexes. Need your concrete surfaces cleaned? You need expert Sydney sweeping and scrubbing.
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