How to Create an Effective Warehouse Cleaning Framework

How to Create an Effective Warehouse Cleaning Framework

Attention warehouse managers!

Looking for a thorough, easy-to-implement framework for warehouse cleaning? We’ve got you covered! At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’ve been sweeping and scrubbing industrial facilities for many years now. Our expert cleaning technicians know exactly how to achieve a fantastic result, no matter the size or type of your warehouse or factory.

We enjoy using all of our knowledge to use equipment effectively and efficiently. We also use all of the experience we’ve collected to tackle tough jobs and ensure that everyone is safe on-site at all times. In this article, we’re going to share some of that knowledge and explain how to create an effective warehouse cleaning framework. 

In future, this framework can be used to coordinate with your warehouse cleaning contractor, as well as to educate employees and maintain a clean facility. 

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What you should consider before creating your framework

There are a number of things to think about when planning your framework. It’s important to conduct the right research beforehand, get insights from staff and cleaning contractors, and understand your facility as in-depth as possible.

Collect information and insights

The first step should be to collect as much information as possible from people on the ground. As a warehouse manager or business owner, you’ll already know plenty about the pain points within your facility, and issues that may arise around cleaning. However, everyone has a different perspective and may come across problems that you yourself do not see.

Ask your people questions like:

  • What issues do you come across when cleaning?
  • Are there any contaminants you see on a regular basis?
  • What equipment is missing from your facility?
  • Do you notice any hazards during the cleaning process?

Record this information, because it will be incredibly useful when putting together your cleaning framework.

Identify problem areas

Most workplaces will have certain areas that create headaches when it comes to cleaning. This may be a certain packing area, or a storage space where chemicals regularly spill or leak. Often, it’s a loading bay where vehicles and products are loaded and unloaded, dropping debris here and there. Ensure you ask the question to multiple employees, because you may well have more than one problem area.

Understand which cleaning applications are required

Most warehouses require a similar cleaning program. However, certain facilities may well need additional or specialised services. This could include large-scale sweeping and scrubbing for a particularly spacious facility, removing hazardous chemicals, regular exterior washing (in a dusty area, for example), or something else. Noting your particular needs is a must when it comes to creating a truly effective framework.

Creating your cleaning framework

Once you’ve collected and collated all of the important information, it’s time to write up your framework. This process should be thorough – if you rush, you may well omit important details and steps in the cleaning process. This is a step-by-step process on how to create a cleaning framework that is easy to follow and really does work.

Inspections and assessment 

Regular inspections are a must for every facility. These inspections may be carried out by yourself, as the warehouse manager, or by a designated employee. A professional inspection at least once a year is also a great idea – at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re well-versed in inspecting and assessing industrial facilities before cleaning takes place.

An inspection should aim to identify any problem areas in your warehouse. It is an important step in determining when and where cleaning is required. If your space is still in great condition, you may not need to clean. However, if your concrete surfaces are looking less than ideal, it’s time to book in a mechanical sweeping and scrubbing service.

A detailed cleaning map

Every warehouse should have a map that displays various areas and their functions. This map must be included in your cleaning framework and marked up for cleaning purposes. That could include which cleaning applications are required where, or which areas are prone to getting a little grimy. This part of the framework can mention which areas should be cleaned first, depending on your processes and the geography of your warehouse.

A thorough checklist

It’s essential that every area receives due attention. We understand that sometimes, certain spots can be overlooked. This is where a thorough cleaning checklist is absolutely essential. Your cleaning checklist should include a breakdown with:

  • Each area that needs to be cleaned.
  • The applications required in each area (ie pressure washing, sweeping, scrubbing, carpet cleaning).
  • The equipment required in each area.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning each area.
  • When expert industrial cleaning is necessary (regularly).
  • Anything else that needs to be done during the cleaning process.

Safety protocols

Safety should always be your first priority, and chances are, it already is! When it comes to cleaning in an industrial environment, there are inevitably hazards present. These must be addressed and eliminated as quickly as possible. For instance, marking wet areas with cones and signage is critical. 

Your safety efforts should also include the distribution of the right personal protective equipment. Always maintain an inventory of the PPE available, and update or replace items right away where required. Alternatively, you can hire Sydney Sweep and Scrub for all of your industrial cleaning needs – we always operate safely and with the right protective equipment.

Flexible approach, always

While a detailed framework forms the foundation of an effective cleaning process, flexibility is essential. If you’re unable to clean a certain area for whatever reason, you should be able to adapt your framework and jump into another area. If your entire cleaning program grinds to a halt because of one small change, it’s not truly effective. Keep this in mind when putting together your schedule and allocating cleaning equipment.

Looking out for the environment

Sustainability is another key factor when it comes to cleaning. Always prioritise eco-friendly cleaning agents, such as biodegradable degreasers. And think about where runoff is going – we always sandbag drains to prevent chemical compounds from entering waterways, because we all have a responsibility to care for the environment. Ensure you have a sustainability section in your framework, to ensure every process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Post-cleaning inspection

Final inspections are important because they’ll determine whether or not your cleaning processes have achieved their goals. If the result is less than desirable, you’ll need to alter your approach or stick with an expert cleaning company like Sydney Sweep and Scrub. We’re always dedicated to a high-quality service on every single project.

Dealing with waste

Most industrial facilities will produce some kind of waste. Dealing with this waste before you begin cleaning is essential, so there should be a relevant section in your framework for rubbish removal. Ideally, waste will be removed first, so that your floor space, walls, and other areas are clear for cleaning.

Working with an expert Sydney warehouse cleaning company

A high-quality warehouse cleaning framework will make it much easier to maintain a pristine facility. However, expert cleaning is still required on a regular basis. We’re equipped with quality machinery and equipment, as well as the expertise necessary for an exceptional cleaning service. 

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