Exterior Warehouse Cleaning: A Comprehensive Agenda

Exterior Warehouse Cleaning: A Comprehensive Agenda

The outside of your warehouse is the face of your business.

It’s also the area staff and customers will pass through to enter and exit your warehouse.

Therefore, for safety and presentation reasons, it should be cleaned regularly.

Here’s an agenda for cleaning the exterior of your warehouse.

Car Park

Your car park is often the first thing your staff and customers see.

When people arrive at your premises, it’s this area that makes the first impression.

A dirty car park can turn people off working with or for you. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure this space is as impressive as possible.

Hiring a sweep and scrub contractor is the best way to spruce up your car park.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub use a combination of cutting edge equipment and expertise to clean car parks and warehouses.

We are dedicated to our work and guarantee our methods.

Paths, Stairs and Landings

Make sure your paths and stairs are clean and safe.

By regularly removing dirt or other stains, you’ll lessen the risk of slip and fall injury.

No business wants staff or customers injuring themselves, so you should take every precaution to prevent an accident.

A filthy path or set of stairs also looks bad.

Improve the image of your business by having these surfaces regularly scrubbed.


Ensure your windows are cleaned regularly.

This maximises the amount of natural light that makes its way into your warehouse.

Natural light has a hugely positive effect on your staff. Therefore, you should be make the most of it where possible.

The wellbeing of your workers should be at the forefront of every managers mind.

Maximising exposure to light means better sleep, an improved mood and less instances of minor illness for your staff.

That also means less sick days, and therefore better productivity for your business.

The Structure

The exterior of the warehouse itself should be cleaned routinely, to maintain a professional façade.

If your actual warehouse structure is constantly dirty, you’ll deter customers and clients.

The same goes for your signage.

A pressure washing company can clean the exterior surfaces of your warehouse, including the walls, roof, doors and signs.

Algae often builds up on the exterior of metal warehouses.

Airborne spores find their way onto your surface. If there is dampness, these spores will grow persistently.

This results in awful stains on the exterior of your building. These can also eat away at paint or other materials, potentially damaging your structure.

A high-pressure steam clean by a professional contractor can remove these stains.

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