Our Sustainable Operations

Our Sustainable Operations

Sydney Sweep and Scrub

As a professional sweep and scrub contractor, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

This doesn’t just mean using chemicals that are eco-friendly, either – it’s so much more. In fact, it means reducing the impact on the environment in every single aspect of what we do.

Reducing energy and water consumption, waste disposal and air pollution from our equipment are just some of the ways we’re so invested in sustainability.

Plenty of companies claim to be sustainable, but when it comes to being transparent about their operations, simply aren’t.

Sustainability is important throughout the entire world, as we strive to reduce our impact on the environment in everything we do.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we like to think that in our industry, we’re ahead of the ball.

LPG Machines

Our cutting-edge LPG sweep and scrub machines are not only super effective, but also environmentally friendly.

LPG fuel is a low carbon fuel and therefore creates fewer harmful emissions. These engines are quieter than their petrol or diesel counterparts, so won’t be a distraction for your workers.

Our vehicles also have special filters fitted which remove 99% of harmful particles from the dust they sweep up, meaning less air pollution.

Water Recirculating Machines

In an effort to save even more water, we use machines which recirculate un-used water when cleaning, instead of letting it go to waste.

This means that no water is unnecessarily disposed of, and also saves energy.

Water Saving Pressure Cleaning

Water saving is very important to us, and we know exactly how precious this resource is in Australia.

With that in mind, we use pressure cleaning machines which consume as little water as possible.

The hot water is delivered at a very high pressure, meaning that it takes less water to clean a surface. That way, we save water, energy and inevitably, your business saves money.

There’s no sacrifice at all in performance, and our cutting-edge equipment and expertise ensure you get the best clean possible.


The chemicals that we use when cleaning tough surfaces are eco-friendly.

They are not harsh chemicals which harm the environment, or people when they come into contact with them. And where possible, we use only hot water and pressure to remove tough grime.

We always make sure the chemicals we do use do not end up in the wrong place, and are very thorough when it comes to disposing of waste.

Cleaning Up

We ensure that we are extremely thorough in our clean up methods at the end of the sweep and scrub.

By locating and sandbagging drains when cleaning, we make sure that even the eco-friendly chemicals we use do not end up in our precious water ways.

Any waste is disposed of responsibly, if we’re unable to re-use or re-purpose it.

We leave no trace, except for a sparkling clean surface!

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