Dealing with Spills, Spots and Stains in Your Sydney Strata Complex Common Areas

Dealing with Spills, Spots and Stains in Your Sydney Strata Complex Common Areas

The common areas in your Sydney strata complex will inevitably be subject to all sorts of spills, spots and stains. This is life!

Whether it’s tenants dropping food and spilling drinks, droplets of oil or some other contaminant, these blemishes on your surfaces need to be dealt with quickly.

If your strata complex floors are spotted and stained, it’s your tenants and owners who will be impacted the most.

Tenants don’t want to have to live and spend leisure time in a dirty common area, and they shouldn’t have to. Spotted and stained floors can therefore affect their happiness at home.

Potential owners and investors don’t want to see a spotted and stained floor when (if) they visit your strata complex. That can in fact, affect the likelihood of them purchasing property in your complex!

Therefore, it’s so important that you hire a professional Sydney commercial cleaning company to deal with your spills, spots and stains.

Here’s a little more about how Sydney Sweep and Scrub can do just that.


Spills involve some kind of unwanted liquid dripping onto your carpet or other floor finish.

In a busy strata complex common area, this might be tea or coffee, or some other tasty beverage that one of your tenants is enjoying.

However, it’s essential you deal with these spills quickly. If you don’t, they’ll take a hold and become tough to remove stains.

Handling spills is pretty easy!

Just ensure that as soon as the liquid is spilled, you attack the stain with cleaning materials. Eco-friendly is always best. You may also need to use stain removing chemicals.

For the worst stains, get in touch with a Sydney commercial cleaning company for a prompt and professional service.

Spots and Stains

Spots and stains can be caused by all sorts of contaminants. Liquids and solids can become ingrained in your carpet or on your wooden floors and must be dealt with.

Once these contaminants become stuck to your floors, you’ll find it much harder to remove them without professional help.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’ll arrive at your strata complex quickly and use our cutting-edge equipment to give the best clean possible.

Our highly trained staff are well-practiced in cleaning all sorts of spots and stains from carpet, wooden floors and other materials.

Therefore, when you hire Sydney Sweep and Scrub for professional strata complex cleaning, you know you’re in good hands.

To discuss commercial cleaning for your Sydney strata common areas, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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